Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy Wegan Anniversary!

05/10/10: Wegan's 2 Year Anniversary!!


As Wegan, we love to celebrate most of our monthly anniversaries (because we're a bit sickening like that haha). But also it's because we may also not be together for the big ones, & today is one of them!

[Wegan on the date we became offical]

Even though we are sadly apart for our 2 year anniversary I couldn't let the day go by without a mention. This time last year we were able to celebrate our 1 year together in Hawaii. We spent the day at the beach, gave each other cards & went our for dinner. What we wouldn't give to be back there! Our packages for each other haven't arrived yet so that's still something to look forward to.


Happy Anniversary baby! Here's to many more <3 Can't wait to celebrate 05/10 with you.


I love you

M x
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