Legalize Gay

Sorry no interesting blog updates my dears, I've (Megan) been sick/ ill all week with a damn virus/ cold. It's still persisting and doesn't want to say goodbye quite yet. How dare it! I have been rather loving tumblr and reblogging random stuff. Thought I'd share with you a few fav pics that have been floating about around the net, with a 'What Megan & Whitney Did Next' update coming soon (promiseee):

Firstly, I really realllly want this top. Surely its a must for Wegan's wardrobe? Already got the 'Some people are gay. Get over it!' & 'Love your inner lesbian' t-shirts. Surely it's time to rock out the USA gay rights? lol. (Baby psst, it's buy 1 get 1 free). I also rather love it because of the Real L Word peeps ;)

This is how Whit spends her class time, cute! <3

True that <3

Also I think this campaign is spot on! It's always my answer to 'so when did you realise that you're gay?' Though my fav is when a straight guy asks don't I want to sleep with a man to make sure I'm gay, I ask does he not want to make sure he's not gay... Works every time! ;)

I'm obsessed with hearts <3

Lastly watch this video of this brave man giving a heart breaking speech about gay teen sucide <3

That's enough for a random post I'm sure, hope y'all having a good Monday wherever you are!

M x