It Gets Better... Today


Little bit of gay rights talk before I depart for the USA:

1) Stonewall's New Campaign: It Gets Better Today

Continuing their commitment to tackle homophobic bullying in schools, Stonewall have started a new campaign in response to the 'It gets better' campaign to go that one step further and advocate that it starts... TODAY! We can make it happen. For more info check out their website. Here's a message of endorsement from Christina Aguilera:

"Don’t let the bullies win. Be yourself – and don’t let words get you down. It gets better today. With your help, Stonewall can make it happen.'"- Christina Aguilera

2) Boo's Mum ('Mom'): 'My Son Is Gay'


This woman's great blog post in reply to her 5 year old son dressing as Daphne from Scooby Doo (aka as a girl) has been gathering great acknowledgement and respect all across the web and world for her thoughts over whether (or not) her son is gay... Ultimately she wants her son to be happy in any way that he wants to me. As her post clearly highlights, it's the 'moms ABC' which have the problem not the kids.

"If you think that me allowing my son to be a female character for Halloween is somehow going to ‘make’ him gay then you are an idiot. Firstly, what a ridiculous concept. Secondly, if my son is gay, OK. I will love him no less. Thirdly, I am not worried that your son will grow up to be an actual ninja so back off."

Absolutely frigging fantastic! Guess I best inform my mother I'm off to be a playboy bunny....

With Stonewall and other LGB groups tackling homophobic bullying in schools... who's going to start tackling the homophobic parents??