Wegan In Hawaii... TOMORROW!!!

1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Lei from last trip to Hawaii]

As I type this, I (Megan) actually cannot believe that I will be on my way to Hawaii tomorrow. Just seems surreal to think I'll soon be breathing in the Hawaii air, hearing the rustle of the palm trees in the wind & being greeted by with gorgeous girl with a pretty lei (flower garland) and a hugggeeee hug! YEAH!!! :D

For our first day we have planned: sunbathing & hot tub session with whilst watching the sunset. That'll do VERY nicely!!

No doubt we will take many pics and try update when we can, so keep an eye out on here, tumblr and make sure you're following us on Twitter (@WhatWeganDid) to see what we're up to!

Blog to you next as Wegan!

M x