A Week of Celebrations!

I couldn't end the year without another of my 'gay rights' posts, and what a week this has been!

1) Don't Ask Don't Tell- Repealed!

"We are a nation that welcomes the service of every patriot and believes all are created equal. Those are the ideals we upheld today." (Obama Tweet)

The biggest story this week is of course the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell. For many years we have heard of this ludicrous and horrid policy existing in the US army, and today has finally marked the end to that with Obama officially signing the repeal. Since 1993, 13,500 LGB service members have been dismissed. Thank goodness there will be no more.

2) Civil Partnerships- 5 Years

The 21st December marked the 5 year anniversary since Civil Partnerships came into law. On the one hand, I cannot believe how fast time has flown by I could remember the first day of same-sex couples getting civil partners and what a great day that was. Whilst there is still a strong urge from the LGB community for full gay marriage, it truly is extraordinary that only just over 5 years ago same-sex couples had no legal ceremony in which to profess one another's love and life time commitment alongside laws that would protect them. Since that day 40, 000 have had a civil partnership. Many congratulations for those celebrating 5 years!

3) It Gets Better- Employers

Obviously I'm a big fan of this campaign, and there have been some brilliant videos from big organisations. I think such videos as these make a real stance and adds to the inclusivity of the campaign. Here's a select few:




4) It Gets Better... Today

Stonewall campaign has been gathering some high profile support, no less from our very own prime minister.

Check out their youtube to see messages from celebrities and other supporters.

5) Amber Heard

This isn't really 'big' news but I wanted to include it because, well lets face it, there really are not enough 'lipstick lesbians' out there as role models. So not only am I of course naturally excited that this up & coming Hollywood actress has come out, but I'm also glad that she is standing out there proud and sending out a message to all those young femme lesbians. I know when I was younger I really wanted someone to identify with and look up to!

Speaking of lesbian role models, my mind goes to the gorgeous Portia De Rossi, where congratulations are due as she is now officially Mrs. Degenerous! I think it's so lovely she has changed her name.

6) 'It Just A Phase'

Lastly, I've included a video by the wonderful Jenna who I posted a while back. This video is another one worthwhile of your time on youtube, she highlights and discusses exactly why 'it's just a phase' is so annoying and how the comment 'you're too pretty to be a lesbian' is truly irritating, and not to mention insulting. Both I have received...a lot. The first in my younger years and the latter in my later years, and surprisingly a lot of the time from gay men!

Happy Holidays!

M x