Love Stories: Danielle & Sarah

We bring to you a second installment of love stories with the beautiful and inspiring couple that is Danielle and Sarah. They both currently reside together in Australia, though I (Megan) know Sarah from when she lived in the UK and have watched her journey in Aus unfold and romance blossom. So I am extra thrilled for their happiness. We wish them all the best and look forward to meeting up with them when they're next back in the UK!

Danielle and Sarah:


Danielle and Sarah became ‘Facebook’ friends in January 2009 - all due to their admiration of their idol: Celine Dion.

Here is where it began: In December 2008 Danielle travelled from her small hometown in Victoria, Australia all the way to Phoenix, USA to see Celine in concert– and gave her a toy frog when she was performing. (see amazing photo below and link to you tube). Sarah was so excited about it when she heard news on the Celine Dion fan forum (which both are members of).


Then in January 2009 Sarah flew to Kansas, USA to meet another Celine fan and go to a Celine concert (That’s crazy! I hear you say, but it was worth it). During the concert Sarah and the other girl decided to get up and give Celine some flowers – she was gracious enough to speak to them and luckily it was captured on film and put on youtube!


News of this spread through some of Danielle and Sarah’s mutual friends on facebook and kept appearing in Danielle’s ‘newsfeed’ and so she decided ‘what the hell’ and added Sarah as a ‘friend’ on facebook in January 2009.

They started chatting now and again and they had so much in common: from the similarities in their families to the types of food they liked! They became such great friends and sent packages and surprises to each other.

Sarah had always had the lifelong dream of going to Australia and later in December 2009 she moved from England to pursue that dream. On New year’s eve 2009 Danielle and Sarah finally met and spent the following 3 weeks travelling around with 2 mutual friends. This is their first photo ever on the first day they met!


Later after their travels Sarah and one of the girls decided to move in temporarily with Danielle and her family, who live near Melbourne. Time passed pretty quickly and their friend left to go back to England in March 2010. But not before they made a flight over to Oprah’s Harpo studios in Chicago to see their idol Celine once more in March! (see photo below)


Back in Melbourne it was strange at first with it just being the two of them on their own but they soon adjusted and enjoyed every moment they spent together as friends. However, both were developing feelings for each other but were too scared to tell each other. Then one night Sarah plucked up the courage to tell Danielle she really liked her and she was so pleased to know that Danielle felt exactly the same way!


They decided to move to Melbourne to live together and find jobs. Gradually it all panned out just the way they had imagined and with the love and support of both of their families they are now happier than ever!



When I moved to Australia I had no idea what fate had in store for me, all that I knew was that I was up for an adventure, taking each day as it came and living for me. I had never imagined that I would find a love so beautiful and pure. I guess it’s true what they say about love finding its way to you when you least expect it. The many months before I left for Australia I was lonely and wanting so much to find happiness and to be settled – in love and life. I didn’t think it would come for many years; I believed I would have many more skirmishes with love until I found the one person I would give my heart to forever and when those familiar feelings came it was like my heart had come to life again; it was beating harder and faster than ever and it wasn’t just a coincidence that my eyes lit up whenever she walked in the room or glanced my way. I could feel the surge of emotions running through my body and it was like I was gradually losing control and I liked it. Over time I slowly let myself work out what it was I was feeling but I had no idea if she liked me too or if she was even interested in girls; I was risking getting hurt again if I put myself out there.

Eventually I figured out that you only have one shot at life and it’s too short not to take risks and live for I told her. I did it! I confessed all the things I had kept inside for so many weeks – how I noticed the sparkle in her eyes and the warmth of her smile and how whenever she was due to come home from work my heart would flutter. It felt relieving to finally be able to express how I felt for her; to my amazement she felt the same way too. ‘Is this a dream? Am I hallucinating? Did she really say she liked me too!?’ I questioned in my head. It really was a surreal experience for me: finding out that finally after so long somebody actually feels the same way as I do. This is the stuff of fairytales and chick flicks, not something that happens to me in my life. Once it finally sunk in that the feelings were mutual, we let ourselves get closer, sharing our deepest secrets and our losses, our triumphs and our defeats in life. There wasn’t a thing we didn’t discuss. It felt amazing. Finally there was a girl that was prepared to give me her whole heart and let me into her life; giving me space to do the same. The things I had longed for for so long; that companionship and closeness my heart desired was finally here.

We have been together coming up for almost a year in a few months and we haven’t come down from cloud 9. There isn’t a day that goes by when she doesn’t make me smile or tells me she loves me. I know I have found my soul mate. We can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together and I feel so lucky to wake up next to the person I love every day and just to be able to just do the simple things in life together; from the shopping to watching a film. Every day I count my lucky stars I found her.

This poem I found really is amazing:

As a child you learn of a soul mate…a person made perfectly for you, your two souls become connected as one and are destined to be together until the end of time.
Through adolescence you grasp on to this idea of a soul mate, believing you will someday find the one.
But after much heartache and many rivers of tears, this notion you’ve held onto for years begins to fade.
As time goes by, day by day, year after year, you move forward, accepting of your failures and proud of your successes…until that day.
This is a day like any other, it begins no differently than yesterday and the days before, but it is a day that will change you forever, a day that the magic and fantasy of a soul mate becomes real.
For each of us it happens differently…the holding of eye contact, an introduction, a smile. Regardless of how it began, the moment is unforgettable.
It was a magical moment, frozen in time, the surroundings, the smells, the feeling you felt.
The rush of warmth through your body felt exhilarating and new, yet somehow familiar. It was a feeling you imagined time and again…but never this powerful.
As butterflies fluttered in your stomach it was an explosion of emotions. Who is this person that can make me feel this way?
As this invisible force draws you to this person you can sense a mutual feeling. A connection unlike any other you’ve experienced before, impossible to resist.
You feel a burning, a fire from deep inside, that you can’t ignore. From that first second of encounter this person is there with you, in every thought and action…causing you to smile, laugh, and feel more alive than ever before.
This person becomes a part of you, your other half…your soul mate.
And as you learned as a child, this person was made perfectly for you, your two souls are connected as one and are destined to be together until the end of time

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