Our 9th Goodbye...

Today came and marked our 9th goodbye. Can you believe that we have had to endure 9 dreaded and sad departures? Today actually was our best so far, not sure if it's because we've gone through so many or because it is our last goodbye. By that I mean that these next few months will be the last we have to go through doing long distance until we are finally fully reunited as Wegan, never to de departed. (Can't wait!!!!!) However until that day comes, we will miss each other greatly. We are truly best friends, lovers, soul mates and each others halves. It is so hard to be without each other but will be so worth it in the end. 2011 will be our biggest year yet!

Full blog update of our time spent together coming soon, with a 'love story' next.

I miss and love you baby.

M x