Tsunami Warning For Hawaii

As I'm sure you're all aware, there has been a devastating earthquake and tsunami to hit Japan. Our thoughts and hearts go out to Japan.

As you may also be aware, Hawaii has received a tsunami warning with it estimated to hit Honolulu at 3.21am. Needless to say we're rather worried by the unknown and what is to come. Everyone has been told to vertically evacuate and all the telephone lines are clogged up so I cannot get through to Whitney. Fortunately we were able to webcam and she is safe and in a no-flood zone.

For those who want to get live updates, watch here.

With 1 week exactly to go until I am on my way to Hawaii, I was planning on doing a rather different post today! I just hope that there is no extensive damage from the tsunami and that Wegan will be in each others arms in a week.

I will update this post after the wave has hit.

Thank you all to those who have reached out to us!

Baby- I love you SO much, stay safe!

M x