Long Distance: The Truth

Whitney & I have realised that whilst most of our relationship is, of course, long distance and that you witness the months part and when we're together, we haven't blogged much about how it really is to do long distance.  

We post a while back tips in doing long distance, which we still fully believe and adhere to (click here to read).  However it must be said that long distance is quite frankly... a bitch. A big ol' bitch! lol. October will be our three year anniversary (woot!) which also marks just HOW LONG we have been doing loooong distance. As you're all fully aware, we hoped to no longer be doing long distance once I joined Whitney in Hawaii & then she'd move to the UK.  Sadly this was not the case and we've been made to do long distance once more. This has been really hard for us, as before we had our education tying us to our countries, now it is immigration preventing us from being together. Which really, really sucks as you all know we're an insanely in love couple who want to be together forever. We truly hope that we will be able to get Whitney over in October, but it all depends on me finding full time work (I gave up work to join Whitney and now it's biting us in the arse).  Those of you who are doing long distance will no doubt be able to emphasise and feel the pain of doing long distance... and I'm sure many of you not doing it can sympathise! 

So, as this is a topic central to our relationship but strangely not blogged about a lot from us, we'll be bringing you the realities (good and bad) of doing long distance. We believe that long distance IS worth it, we wouldn't do anything different, but it is definitely a lot of hard work.

If there is anything in particular you want to know about doing long distance then just drop us your thoughts in our comments!

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