On My Way To Miss. Whitney!!

Hello my loves,

Happy 1st October!

As you read this I am high in the sky flying my way to the arms of my fiance. EEE! :) I have a horrid 7.45am flight which means heading to the airport at 5.30am. Yuck. But all is good in the name of love ;)

Despite all your great support and well wishes, I sadly did not get the job I went for. Very upset about it as really wanted it AND sets us further back getting Whitney to the UK... Is so hard to get a job in the UK at the moment. Though as they say everything happens for a reason but I just REALLY want a break right now. Having the worst luck!

On a more positive note we have reached over 60,000 hits yay! Thanks to all those who regulary visit, and many I'm sure we aren't aware of, and hello to anyone new coming across our blog! We hope you stick around.

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You'll be seeing these faces again soon ahh!! :)

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