Wegan Reunited Once Again!


It's Wegan!!!! YAY!!!!!

It's so sweet y'all excited for us to be together, we appreciate your support so much!

I arrived at 5pm on Saturday and we then had a two hour drive back to Whitney's home. Ah we couldn't wait to get home to kiss & cuddle. Feels SOOOO good when you've been apart for a couple of months, I'm sure you long distance peeps can relate. We had a great cuddling session that night and were so happy to wake up together on Sunday. We love Sundays together!! we had yummy coffee in bed whilst watching 'Say Yes to the Bride' (my first time watching it... I'm hooked! Thought of you Liesl hehe). What was great was that two brides were on the show, so was fun for us to watch how they decided to choose their dresses and whether to let one another see it before the wedding day. We're still figuring out what to do!

Later on we got ready together and headed to Starbucks where we got yummy Pumpkin Spice Lattes. I wish the UK brought out great flavours so often, but alas we have horrid flavours. After that we headed to the mall (I really can't say that in an English accent, sound like an idiot) and quickly headed straight to Victoria Secret. Oh how we love that shop!! Whitney treated me to a dark grey pair of Victoria Secret 'pants' and we got a light grey zip up hoody with leopard print on it to share. LOVES!! We went to Olive Garden (looove their house salad & bread yum) and the lovely waitress remembered us and said: "I love it when y'all come in as I love how y'all dress" (had to emphasise the y'all, love it). How cute?!! We cozied up in the eve to watch the return of Dexter!!!! Oh my goodness, we were so excited. Anyone else a fan & tune in? What do you think? AH at the snakes!! VOM.

Margita's at Olive Garden. Yum.

Sadly Whit has had to pop into work for a few hours, but I'm enjoying some American TV and of course the time to blog!

Also Today is World Day of Bullying Prevention.

Wear a blue t-shirt to support the cause! We wore ours to bed!

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