Get Well Baby!!

This isn't something that we haven't made public much yet, but my darling Whitney had an operation earlier on this week.  I know you'll immediately want to ask why but it's something that is on a need to know basis.  All you need to know is that she is ok! We've had some scares with her in A&E (ER) recently though. And that's pretty much the worst feeling ever for me to wake up at 6am my time to see a picture from her of an IV drip in her arm and lots of messages and miss calls (damn you silent setting).

It pained me so much to not be there when Whitney went for her operation (couldn't leave work) and it continues to break my heart that she is in severe pain every day :( :( :( She will be once she has fully recovered.  I wish could be there to nurse her! Hopefully she will recover in 2- 3 weeks, and be in time with the visa. Time will tell.

Please send her some love & get well wishes!

I love you baby- get better soon!! xxx

Flowers I sent her after she had been to A&E

Balloon in a Box package for after her op. How cute is the little bear? hehe.

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