Ladies & Gentlemen, Can I have Your Attention Please...

We've got a few lovely things to tell you about...

Firstly, if you haven't yet seen the video of my very talented sister & I covering 'Safe and Sound' by Taylor Swift (for the Hunger Games), then please do give it a watch and share it if you like it.  Have been trying to get my sister onto youtube for AGES and this was the only way she finally agreed haha. There will be lots more coming from her- covers and her own songs, so keep a look out!


Secondly, for all those lovely femmes out there, it isn't me just seeking your faces to challwnfe Femme Invisibility- oh no. Please submit to the Beyond Lipstick project analysing femme identity through the way we look and dress. You have to submit 3 pictures, and answer 3 short questions.


Our friends over at Waking Up With Her have launched their own campaign for bisexual pride entitled 'Bi Confidence' (very clever ladies).  We whole heartedly support them and encourage any of our lovely bisexual followers to submit :)  

Lastly, I have mentioned before that my dear friends were opening up a Tea Room in Cardiff.. and it has finally happened!! I am SO pleased and proud for them. Cannot wait to visit! So for any of you living in or visiting Cardiff- pop along to Pettigrew Tea Shop. You won't be disappointed! Visit the blog I want to Bake free. & if you go- tell them I sent you! :)

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