Ola! Back From Portugal!

Olaaaa everyone!! 

We are back from the most wonderful trip to Portugal. 

Our week there flew by, it was truly the best holiday we have ever been on. It had been a while since the whole Evans family had been on holiday together, and this time we had the added pleasure of Whitney and Harry with us. It was a great bonding experience and we all fell in love with Portugal itself. If you're looking for the most amazing weather (blue skies and sun daily) with a very welcoming culture then we definitely recommend Portugal!

We set off bright and early at 3.30am on Saturday 1 September, and due to massive queues for easy jet we VERY nearly missed our flight! Great way to start a holiday- stressed! We also experienced for the first time where you don't have seats book, you get on the plane and pot luck if you manage to get seats together. Luckily we did both ways, and we had the sister Bethany in tow.

This is to show you how pasty we were leaving!!

We flew into Faro and headed to Sao Rafael, Albufeira. We arrived fairly early to our villa and we literally ran to our pool with a view- and what a view it is!!

We had a very relaxing holiday, we spent most of the time sunbathing and swimming in the pool.

Whitney is a mermaid, if you didn't know.

There was also gorgeous beaches just down the road. Each beach has a restaurant/ bar which is great, and exactly what you need! Our nearest beach was Praia Dos Arrifes.


The beach bar/ restaurant we frequented the most was A Sardinha, which did great cocktails and amazing fish (however if you're a vegetarian, the lack of food is the only down side that I experienced).

We ventured slightly further afield to Praia Sao Rafeal beach- right next  to a 5 * hotel which looked amazing!

We also enjoyed heading to the bar in the evening for a cocktail with everyone

Look at my girls cute freckles!! (She hates them, I think they're adorable).

We also witnessed the most stunning sunsets

We celebrated our 3 years and 11 months anniversary on 5th September. That day we headed into the Marina where they had many cafes and restaurants. 

We decided it would be a great idea to do a boat trip to see the coast and caves... for three hours. After about 10 minutes Whitney and I started to feel sea sick.. as well as Lauren, Bethany, Harry.. and it seemed majority of the boat. Bad idea!!! 

Before the sea sickness...

Sea sickness time!! :(

The funny thing is we decided to get off the catamaran to go on a smaller boat that takes you to the caves to see if this would help us feel less sick- which it did. In doing so however I stubbed my big toe really bad, and it still hurts to this day!! We should have just stayed at our villa...

The majority of the week we ate in, as my mother loves to cook. On the thursday we all went out to dinner at Sardinia. Despite it being very be be achy and relaxed, we took it as our chance to dress up!

Before we knew it, our last day had sadly arrived. We were certainly not ready to leave and longed for more days there! We absolutely loved where we stayed and will definitely be taking a trip back there... soon!!

P.s 16 days until our Civil Partnership!!

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