Love Stories ♥ Karen & Jen

With just two weeks to go until our civil partnership (OMG!), we thought we'd spread the love with another love story! Yet another couple who has found true love via the internet.  This story shows that love does really conquer all and we can make it through anything life throws at us.

Love Stories ♥ Jennifer & Karen

Jen and I “met” on-line.  Our first face-to-face meeting (date) was for coffee at a local diner after work.  As soon as I saw her, she took my breath away.  I was so nervous because she is so beautiful and I thought she was way cooler than I am.  We hit it off and made plans for dinner the following weekend.  By the second date, I knew I was in love with her.  We wanted to spend every minute we possibly could together.  We laughed all the time and were so silly.  

However, life is never all fun and giggling, unfortunately.  I was in the process of an extremely ugly divorce.  We both have two children.  Neither of us had come out to anyone.  But everything seemed possible, if we were together.  Then one night, Jen shared with me that she had a best friend named Colleen.  She told me Colleen was a beautiful, femme lesbian who was known as “the flipper” because she could turn any straight girl gay.  Colleen clearly was a funny and amazing girl who was a positive influence in Jen’s life.  Jen told me so many funny stories about Colleen and the fun things they did.  I couldn’t wait to meet her.

Then Jen started to cry and told me that Colleen had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She moved from Pennsylvania to West Palm Beach, Florida so her parents could care for her.  She fought cancer, beat it and they were so happy and hopeful.  Colleen had even fallen in love-with her oncologist.  She had told Jen that her doctor was hot and she was going for it.  Her doctor had even proposed.  Colleen didn’t marry her, though.  Her cancer came back.  Jen told me then that Colleen had died seven months before I met Jen.  Jen never got to say goodbye.  We were both crying then and right there, I decided to get tickets to West Palm beach and give her the chance to say goodbye to Colleen, which we did the following summer.

We went to Colleen’s favorite beach in the middle of a hurricane.  We were at the beach for two hours.  When we got there, the skies cleared, the sun came out and we swam in the ocean, walked on the beach.  We held hands, cried for her friend and felt that she was there with us.  When we left the beach, the hurricane weather started back up.  It really was miraculous that we were able to have that time.

That was six years ago.  Since then, we have had a long, bumpy road.  We both came out.  Our ex-husbands found each other on Facebook and caused a ton of legal problems.  We even had a homophobic judge rule that Jen wasn’t allowed to live in our home while my children were here-because my ex-husband said so.  We have had two more beautiful friends pass away.  Our kids have had issues with one another.  We even broke up for a year.  

Through all of that, though, I always remembered our beautiful, miraculous day at the beach.  The day the hurricane stopped for us-and I knew the hurricane of trouble would eventually stop.  There was always a tie and just never let go.  The hurricane has stopped.  We stick together and we are stronger for all we have endured.  I have never been happier in my life.  We are engaged and planning a wedding-just the two of us and I know that it will be beautiful, just like Jennifer.
What a beautiful story. All the pictures included are from that day at the beach. Also, it was Colleen's birthday on 13th September. Rest In Peace Colleen, you sounded like an amazing woman. We're sorry to hear that you suffered at the hands of homophobia. All the best Jennifer and Karen- send us your wedding photos!
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