4 Years Anniversary + 1 Week Ago!

Today marks two occasions- our four year anniversary as well as one week on from our civil partnership!

Civil Partnership!! 

If you don't follow us on our other social media (twitter, tumblr, Facebook) then you are most likely dying to know how the day went... and for some pictures!! We will do a big proper post all about it from start to finish but for now we will give you a sneak peek. It was truly the most wonderful day- very surreal, (nerve wracking) and emotional but still the most wonderful day. Despite it being our "little big day" it was huge in the fact we got to say some vows in front of family and friends and declare our commitment to one another for life. We had a great registrar who said the most wonderful words & we even got to say "I do!" 

Four Year Anniversary

Today also marks our four years since we became official back on 5th October 2008! 
Last year we celebrated our three years in South Carolina, and SO much has changed within the year- Whitney has moved to the UK, we have got a house, (& Mya the mini!) and we even got a civil partnership! What does the next year have in store for us??.. One things for sure... a cat!! We have one last step in the visa to secure Whitney's stay here for good so keep those fingers crossed again!
5th October 2011
We're not quite sure how we're going to spend the day celebrating our anniversary yet, I have the day off work and we will most likely just take it easy and enjoy just doing the little things together. Even if it's just getting a pumpkin spice latte (thank you Starbucks!) Long distance sure does make you grateful for the small things in life! 
Mrs & Mrs Wegan X
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