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Got some videos here I think you need to check out..
Perhaps a bit biased but here is an amazing cover of Rihanna's new song 'Diamonds' by my sister Bethany aka Freya 
My sister's lovely friend, Lauren Aquilina has got her first EP coming out which you can pre-order, but first you must check out her brilliant single 'Fools'!
Nikki and Jill from the Real L Word are featured is an advert from Expedia entitled "find your understanding"
If you haven't already stumbled across fellow American and British couple Kaelyn and Lucy, well you'll thank us that you now have as they are super cute girls making long distance work!
Last thing that I'm sharing I promise! Girl Play is a web series coming to your screens soon, from the creator of the Fab Femme, it is set to bring attention to femme visibility.
“Critics will say this web series is a hybrid cross between The L Word and Sex and the City with a southern twist”- The Fab Femme

Girl Play tells the story of four feminine lesbian women who are searching for true love in the ‘Big Easy.’  Olivia Black, a driven New Orleans twenty-something, and her group of gal pals work to form successful, though sometimes turbulent, relationships while maintaining their careers and independence.  Each character will take viewers on relatable journeys, highlighting stories of lesbian love, deceit, political hardships, and self-acceptance.  
Take a walk in their heels and see the world through the eyes of a femme.  Laugh, smile and cry with the ladies of Girl Play.  Bienvenue!

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We have many blog posts coming up including our civil partnership, progress of the Wegan manor, the visit of our lovely Canadian friends and of course some love stories! So hold tight my pretties.. 

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