Wegan Roundup - Equal Marriage, Monaco, Long Distance & Portugal!

Firstly, breaking news, the UK government announced the results of the consultation on equal marriage. They have delivered the long over due and fantastic result that equal marriage will be brought to the UK and even better it- it will be brought in next year. Does that mean that our wegging in 2014 will actually be a TRUE wedding?! Oh yes!! We are very excited!! It also informed the public that the Church of England is banned from holding same sex marriages, which seems a bit silly as any religious institution has the right to deny holding same-sex marriages. But maybe it will shut them up... No it probably won't but whatever.. We get to kiss the bride in 2014!!
In other news, Whitney wrote a fantastic travel article about Monaco for HI Luxury Magazine. Very proud of my boo! If you wish to check it out, please do visit Hawaii Luxury and purchase a digital copy (or buy it if you're lucky enough to live in Hawaii.. ah how we miss it!)
Megan has also had another article in the Huffington Post about long distance relationships, entitled "Long-Distance Loving: Does it Work?" Ah, we all know it does.. at least if you've followed us on our journey you do. & if you're new to us- give it a read!
We've also finally posted our Portugal holiday video from September, before we were wife and wife! Megan's sister Bethany edited it and we hope you enjoy watching our fun times abroad... watch out for the ever so pesky Harry!!
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