Wegan's First Christmas!!

Well, technically not our first Christmas together, as we have spent Xmas day together once before in 2009... but this is our very first Christmas together no longer doing long distance and in Wegan Manor!
We were very excited to start our Christmas decoration festivities. It is a rather strange thing starting with not one single Xmas decorations but we started collecting various baubles as we came across them, from Harrods, to B&Q and even Tesco! My relative Jeanie also gave us some of her own as something "borrowed" as part of our Civil Partnership gifts- so thoughtful!

We decided to decorate Wegan Manor and buy our first real Christmas tree on Saturday 9th December. Queue our culture difference and culture shock for Whitney as she saw our funny looking English style Xmas trees! As opposed to Americans perfectly formed Xmas trees, ours differ somewhat in shape. It was rather funny to see her initial reaction! 
Our selection of trees in the UK
We took a while, with the shop assistant, helping us pick the best tree out of the bunch. Then having picked our BIG tree, we then had the amusing task of fitting it in my small Mya the Mini! Much to the amusement of the employees at the garden centre. Driving home with a Xmas tree somewhat blocking your view is an experience alright!! Very amusing. 

We started decorating with lights, when Whitney decided we definitely needed more lights than we had already... queue more culture differences and our visions of how a Xmas tree should look! Hilarious!! We then took an impromptu trip to Tesco to buy some more lights (so that we had four in total), and even stocked up on more deceptions (turned out we had too many!) Then the true decorating began, and we both loved the result of our over the top (for the English) but rather tame (for Americans) Christmas tree. We think it's just perfect..

We filmed our amusing Christmas decorating festivities, so enjoy!!

If we have time before Xmas we will share we you the differences between UK and USA Christmas Trees we've noticed this year.. plus evidenced by photo's of our followers! We have Whitney's mother arriving tomorrow for the first time, which is very exciting!! So time will be limited... 

We wish all of our Weganers a very Merry Christmas!!
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