Our Lives Are To Change Forever!...



Yes, Whitney has landed her first ever job in the UK!!! 


Whitney has got a job as a Sales Executive and the good thing is it's just 10 minutes drive away from where I work, so I will be dropping her off and picking her up! Aw!! This is Whitney's final transformation in moving her whole world from the USA to the UK for true love!

Now this is why this will change our lives forever (slightly dramatic yes)...

While we did long distance we were both working, but when one of us visited the other evidently it would only be one of us working. This will be the first ever time in our lives of us working together in the same country, at the same time. We've both been in the situation of either being a) the one who has to snooze the alarm and drag ourselves out of bed in the dark and b) the one who gets to remain all snuggled up in bed as they continue their beauty sleep into the late morning. (I miss being the B!!) 

We're in for a rude awakening of having to sort out our first ever early morning routine of getting ready together!! In case you didn't know, Wegan are not morning people. We had a taster of what it will be like when Whitney re-joins the working force when she had to go for her second interview. When the alarm went off, not only did I have to wake myself up but also had the drag the wife up. No longer was I having a nice warm shower all by myself.. I was huddled in the cold side of the shower shaving my legs as Whitney rinsed out her shampoo. I was making our coffee and breakfast as Whitney was hogging our makeup mirror I'm used to having all to myself. Luckily we didn't have to fight over the hair dryer and straightener. Then onto Mya the Mini we went. I've never driven to work with my girl sat next to me so it was a good but strange feeling being stuck in traffic when I'm usually bored by myself. At least now I'll have Whitney sat next to me! 

We do everything in life side by side though and this is the one thing we have yet to do. We'll still have our morning cuddles (a requirement) but this time we both have to drag ourselves out of bed (hopefully making it easier knowing one of us is not staying in bed). I can finally put the bedroom light on and actually see myself in the full length mirror. I won't have to sit eating my breakfast by myself, and I can get to actually see my wife in the morning instead of a quick kiss goodbye. There will though no doubt be some girlie arguing over who gets to wears what work clothes and rushing to make sure we both make it out on time. 

It's strange to think that my girl will be working in the UK with British people.. I feel like an over protective mother dropping her precious kid off at school.. I'm going to miss her so much. I'm used to knowing that if I ever need her then I can text or call and she will answer. Whilst Whitney has been off she's transformed our house into a home. The days of having a housewife are now sadly over... we'll be returning to the house just the way we left it in the early morning rush. 

So yes.. things are going to change. 

On 18th February it's time to wake up and smell the coffee- Wegan are taking the last final step into the real world! It's time for Whitney to bring home the 'Bacon'.

(& I may.. just may.. film my attempts at waking Whitney up her first week of work.. I've got a fight on my hands haha!)

M x
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