What Wegan Did For Valentines!

Bit belated but never the less..
As I'm sure you can expect from Wegan, we love Valentines Day. Its pretty much a holiday made for us with all the love, hearts and romance. Some couples don't care for Valentines day and fair enough if that is you, but that's not us! We show how much we love each other.. a lot.. every day.. and of course we surprise each other a lot with cute little gestures such as cards and flowers. But on Valentines Day you can absolutely celebrate love and all that it means to you. Plus it's nice to see other couples out and about being all lovey dove. We loved spotting all the men heading home with flowers and presents haha. Be nice to see that more often ;) Since we have been doing long distance for four years (as if you didn't know), this was actually only our 2nd we have been able to spend together!
I took the Thursday and Friday off work so that we could relax and truly celebrate, as well as get ourselves ready for Whit's first day at fork on Monday (18th Feb!) On 13th February I surprised Whitney with having flowers and a 'I love you' helium balloon while I was at work. 
We go all out ;)
On Thursday, the day it self, we had a nice lie in and opened our cute and personalised presents to one another! Whitney had been excited for a long time to give me hers (so cute, and why she was not the one to propose haha, she could barely contain herself), needless to say the gift did not disappoint. It's the story of Wegan in a unique and quirky way, and I LOVE IT!!

Funnily enough we both gave each other personalised chocolate bars, and Whitney also personalised a bottle of red wine, a slate sign and the frame for her print arrived the next day. I also got Whitney a personalised print that has yet to arrive from America, it plays homage to our LONG distance between Hawaii to the UK with the E.E Cummings poem "I carry your heart" which we love.
There are SO many romantic things to do on Valentines day, and last year we went to Paris. This year however the budget did not allow for a romantic getaway so I planned a day out in London instead. 

We have been wanting to go to the Ice Bar for ages (like years) so I booked it as a surprise, and Whitney was very happy! 

We were very excited to finally try a bar that was made completely out of ice, including the glass they give you, and you even get to wear a blue cape to keep you warm from the cold. The bar itself is tiny but it was a very fun experience. It was packed full of people, most likely because it was Valentines day and they played very cool music as you got to sip from your ice glass... and take many photo's! haha. You get 40 minutes in there and the time flies by. We'd definitely recommend it as an experience!

We loved wandering around London with love in the air, and we particularly love the South bank with all it's quirkiness plus the views of Big Ben and the London Eye. 

We went to Wahaca in the South Bank for dinner. We had been to the one in Soho and had heard that this one is rather cool as it's built from shipping containers and has a great view! We had to wait a while to be seated as they don't take bookings, but we enjoyed margaritas and guacamole and nacho chips as we waited. The food is very yummy and it's a modern take on Mexican street food. 

All in all we had a great day in London (one of our favourites) and an absolutely amazing Valentines Day! 
What did you get up to for Valentines Day?
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