What's In Your Pocket? Helping Out Long Distance Couples!

Recently we were selected by the comparison website to take part in there blog series 'What's in your pocket?' This has arisen from the feel good factor that can come from finding some extra cash in your pocket. According to their survey, they found that discovering £20 you had left in your pocket is one of lifes "little wins". As an experiment they hijacked a dry cleaners and gave customers £20 they had "found" in their clothes. As you can see from the video- people are pretty pleased to be given money they thought they didn't have.

Money Supermarket wanted to continue this feel good factor by giving bloggers £20 for them to spend on whatever they wanted to. Immediately we wanted to take part and had so many different ideas for what we could do. Ultimately we decided that we didn't want to spend it on ourselves, rather we would want to pay it forward. What better way to do so than to help another long distance couple through Love the Distance Foundation. Having only finally conquered long distance last year, we know the pains of distance and the difficulties that arise from lack of funds preventing you from seeing one another. 
Custom art by Everyday Atlas
Love the Distance Foundation is run by the lovely long distance couple Cydney and Stacy. Here's some more info:

About Love the Distance Foundation:

"We help those who are in a long distance relationship and haven’t yet gotten the opportunity to meet their significant other or simply looking to see them again. We understand that there are many who defame and put down long distance, so we’re here to show our support to those who still believe."
How does it work?
"We have merchandise to help support the distance in between two individuals in love and keep them believing in it. From the merch we sell for the two weeks we are showcasing that couple, we donate money from each sold item to help get one love bird to the other. Once the two weeks is over we send over a gift card of the airline over to the flyee :] and there you have it!" 

We think its a fantastic cause and will help so many people! If only it was around when we were doing long distance! 
The couple that they are featuring at the moment is Lisa and Sam who do long distance between Germany and New Zealand! They have yet to even meet and we're so excited to help contribute to them finally meeting one another!!
Their story:
"We are Lisa and Sam, a long-distance lesbian couple separated by 11344 miles. We met on tumblr and after a short time we knew that we were perfect for each other. We've been together since 3 months and Lisa plans to fly over in August. Lisa lives in Germany and Sam in New Zealand. Both of us are 20 years old. Sam is in her last her studying Drama & Psychology in Christchurch and Lisa is currently working as Au Pair in Belgium. We have to deal with 12 hours of time difference, which can be very tricky sometimes. Couples like you and a lot of others are showing us that the wait and time is worth it.
You can also find us on tumblr:"

Money Supermarket gave us £20 to spend which equals even more money in dollars- $30! Huzzah!! We therefore spent it on the following merchandise, and all proceeds will go to Lisa & Sam!

We love these super cute tanks with coloured leopard print pockets- What's in your ever so cute leopard print pocket?! ;)

We ordered one pink & white tank and one mint & white tank! Can't wait to wear them!!

Each tank cost $12 with $3 postage equalling a total of $27!

By helping out this fab cause, the lovely Cydney and Stacy have thrown in their Love the Distance bangles for free:

To support the cause and buy snazzy merchandise, visit their shop

As we had $3 (£2.05) left over, we donated this to their donation paypal account.

£20 well spent!!

Not only do we feel good by bringing attention to a great cause and helping a long distance couple- we feel EPIC like Alan! ;)

What would you do if you found £20 in your pocket?
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