Update on our WEDDING + new look for the blog!

To all our dearest Weganers, it is time we updated you about our Wedding AKA Wegging plans.. are you ready?...
There is none. 

Not yet anyways. We had planned to get started this year (with Megan's sister helping) with a view of having our wedding next year in 2014. Though we have decided to postpone our wedding until 2015.
Why the extra year?

1) we want it to be the most perfect wedding EVER. We're both very girlie and can't even begin to imagine how over the top we want our wedding to be. This will evidently involve a lot of money. Why therefore rush it to be next year when we can have an extra year saving (now that Whitney is earning too woo!)
2) hopefully by then gay marriage in the UK will definitely be in place. With so many hoops to still jump through- who knows when it will actually be legal. Now that we know gay marriage is a possibility, instead of renewing our vows, this is a big factor to when we want to have our wedding. 
So there you have it. Book your diaries now- 2015 is the year!! 

In other news, we are having our blog redesigned by the fantastic Bobbi over at Ready to Blog. She has just redesigned Whitney's critiquing blog and we looooove it! So we need some inspiration for the design of WWDN and who better to ask than out followers?! What would you like to see our blog looking like? What do you like and dislike about it now? If you have any blogs/ websites that you think we could take inspiration from- send them our way!
We were also invited to be on Huffingtonpost Live to talk about long distance. Check out our clip at 6.35 minutes! We love the Huffington Post and Megan is so glad that she gets to write for them, so we were more than happy to take part in a discussion near and dear to our hearts.

Yeah they're just too cute!!
If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen that in two weeks time we're meeting up with fellow Brit and American long distance couple Kaelyn & Lucy (whose love story we featured on here). We're super looking forward to finally meeting these girls!
That's it for now. We hope you have a great weekend! We're having a super relaxing one after Whitney's first week of work and Megan's freaky ugly ear infection (you don't want to see!)
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