♥ Our Civil Partnership ♥ 28/09/12 ♥ Part 2 The Ceremony

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The Ceremony

After all getting ready at our house, we quickly drank our glass of rose Moet champagne and jumped in the taxi to the venue. As this was only to be our small ceremony, we chose to have our Civil Partnership at a local registry office and had only invited the closet friends and family. We can't wait to pick the venue and have a huge guest list of Americans and British family and friends when we have our big wedding in 2015.

When we arrived and met with the registrar, I think we nearly gave her a heart attack as she had never seen a couple quite like us- dressed the same and looking alike (in her eyes). To us it's obvious who's who, but all she could see was two blondes in the same dresses! It was pretty amusing, and sometimes she did get our names wrong. What surprised everyone was how lovely and romantic the vows were. What also surprised Whitney and I, was how nerve wracking it was to say them! It was overwhelming emotional, and if I saw her about to cry it set me off too- which is why you can see me laughing in one of the pictures. 

How adorable is Megan's proud Uncle?

Walking in, hand in hand.

Megan's sister Lauren handing over the rings

Sealing it with a kiss!

Signing of our Civil Partnership certificate

Megan's family

The lovely registrars

Ready to walk away as wife and wife!

Megan's happy Aunt!
We walked into the venue hand in hand to the song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, a song which means a lot to us and reminds us of our days together in Hawaii. We had "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars playing whilst signing our Civil Partnership certificate, and then we left triumphantly to the song "You Are The Best Thing" by Ray Lamontange. Feel free to go back to our pictures and listen to the songs!
"Baby, we've come a long way, baby
You know, I hope and I pray that you believe me
When I say this love will never fade away

Oh because, you are the best thing
You are the best thing
You are the best thing
Ever happened to me"
"You Are The Best Thing" by Ray Lamontange

One thing we have learnt from even having a small ceremony with very few select people, is be very careful who you invite. We thought we had selected true friends for life, which has sadly not turned out to be true. Luckily this has not tainted our day in any way, and we look foreword to sharing our big day in 2015 with all those that matter to us.
We then went on to celebrate our Civil Partnership in true Wegan style- Champagne Afternoon Tea at the beautiful Danesfield House. Make sure to come back for Part 3 of our Civil Partnership!

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