Thursday, 11 April 2013

♥ Our Civil Partnership ♥ 28th September 2012 ♥ Part 1!

This post is long over due and I'm sorry about that. We've shared some of our favourite Civil Partnership photo's on our social media, and on our new blog design. Now it is time to show you the rest of the pictures! These are all by my sister's friend who is a photographer (Matthew Payne). As we are having our big wedding in 2015, we originally didn't plan to have any 'official' photographs taken- but I'm glad that we did! When it comes to the big wegging though- there will be many, many more photos!

Before The Ceremony

We shared our last night in our home, Wegan Manor, before getting ready with Megan's sister's in the morning.

It's surreal thinking back to this day last year- time has absolutely flown by. I do wish that we had blogged about it at the time, though I do still vividly remember the absolute surreal feeling that came over me that morning. I couldn't believe that it was actually day for me to marry my beautiful fiancĂ© in front of our closet family and friends. 

Yes- we wore identical dresses and heels from Ted Baker. We didn't plan to wear the exact same outfit but as soon as we found it, we both fell in love and realised how adorable we looked wearing the same dress. For our big wedding we will wear different dresses and keep them a secret from each other! 

The whole time we were together side by side, from sleeping and waking up next to each other, to showering, getting ready and drinking champagne. 

The morning absolutely flew by and before we knew it, we were off to say 'I Do'!

In this series of Civil Partnership posts we will be bringing you-

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  1. I absolutely adore that you both wore the same dress. I can't wait to see more of your special day.

  2. Can't wait to read the next parts!

  3. wegan is the best lesbian couple, they are so beautiful and perfect together :D

  4. Thank you for sharing. I know this is a private time but its wonderful that you would share it with others. I'm so happy for you both and glad that you have each other. Harry looks so handsome.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I like that you both wore the same dress.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful pics and of course you Gorgeous women!!! Many blessings to ur civiln partnership, well deserved!!!!!

  7. Congratulations! You both look stunning. I love your matching dresses. And the photos are beautiful. xx

  8. One of y'all's photos was included in an Autostraddle post. :)

    These are all absolutely beautiful. <3


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