London Pride 2013- Weganers + Hair on Fire!

Just over a year since Whitney officially moved to the UK, we attended our second London Pride together on 29 June. Time definitely had flown past since the last attendance, and this year we decided we would use it to be our very first preview of our Wegan Merchandise. Yes, we have designed some t-shirts!! We are so excited to launch these, and if only two of you wear them, it will make us more than happy!
We had an absolutely amazing time at Pride, and it was just as summer had finally arrived in the UK, what a glorious sunny day! As per usual, we missed the parade, woops we will make it one day! We managed to locate Zoe pretty much as soon as we arrived, by pure accident. (Whitney's fellow American friend who is in Pink Singers London's LGBT choir). 

We had some super lovely Weganer's come up and say hello, which was just a crazy moment seeing as the last year no-one recognised us! We really didn't expect many to say hi so it was a lovely surprise, and we must say- you're all SO lovely! It really warms our hearts and means so much to us that you have been following us on our journey. You nearly made us cry (ok Megan is the overly emotional one). So if you ever do randomly spot us, please don't be shy- say hi! & maybe make Megan cry ;)

After hanging out at Trafalgar Square we headed onto the craziness and chaos that is Soho at Pride! So many LGBT people adorning the street, it is a great sight to see! We managed to track down our Welsh/ American friends Christine and Sarah. Sarah in fact is our t-shirt designer and got to see them in the flesh for the very first time! We love them SO much and hope you do too. We are working at getting our t-shirts ready online ASAP, so look out for the announcement!

After a few drinks, it was finally time to get some food into our stomachs so we headed to the Chinese Dim Sum restaurant, Ping Pong. We went to the one by the Southbank for Whitney's birthday and loved the cocktails and food. This time was a slightly different experience due to a cocky bartender thinking his amazing cocktail skills may turn a couple of married lesbians. Um no. To add to the epic fail, he insisted that we drink the shots that he made us through a straw- which were lit on fire (!!) which resulted in Sarah's hair getting caught on fire!! Yes another hair on fire incident, and it wasn't Whitney. It was a pretty shocking incident as it went right up her neck and she unfortunately got burnt, along with hair loss! Absolutely mortifying. Unfortunately the restaurant did little to compensate apart from free shots and a gel to cool the burn. Ping Pong are awaiting to hear the story officially so we will be contacting them shortly. Nonetheless, we managed to continue with a couple more of Flaming Passionfruit cocktails and some tasty food.



Poor Sarah!
Flaming Passionfruit is still amazing though... just mind the flame!

We raved it up with a stop for ice cream on the way home!
We can't believe that London Pride is over for another year. Hopefully we'll make some more Pride's the the future. What's for sure is that we will always continue to have pride in our daily lives as femme lesbians in love as wife and wife. 
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