Donor Sperm Discount for Cryos International

✨ Donor Sperm Discount 🐳 

Hi lovelies, we know that creating your family when you’re a same-sex couple (or in need of sperm) is expensive, so we’re excited to be able to offer y’all a 10% discount off donor sperm from Cryos International (where we purchased ours). πŸ‘Ά This can easily save you £100’s, depending on how many straws you’re buying. πŸ§ͺ We’ve received so many messages asking if we have a discount and we’re so glad we that now do! We hope this helps! πŸ’«


* The discount code is WEGANDID (all caps)
* For US costumers, the code is WEGANUSA. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
* Valid in July, August & September 2021
* It gives 10% off straws purchased at
* Works in all countries
* The code should be entered in the discount code field during checkout
* The code does not apply to Quota Reservations and Shipping
* The code cannot be combined with other discounts.

(If you have any issues using it, please drop us a DM to @whatwegandidnext or an email). 

Let us know if you use it & please keep us updated with your baby journey! ✨

- Find out more about Cryos International and our baby journey here
- Watch our sperm donor Q&A

P.s we’ve also launched our Fertility Equality petition onto the government website, as it’s guaranteed a response if we reach 10,000 signatures, so please do sign & share! 🌈 

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