Meet Our First Born!! Kisses the Kitten!

We have finally added to our little family, and we might be biased, but she's pretty much the cutest thing ever!! We waited 7 and a half weeks until we could bring the little one home. She is a mixed breed of Birman and a ginger tom cat! She is be-a-u-ti-ful and cute as can be! We were worried she'd hide for days and take a while to come around to us... but hope, she was dying to get out of her cat carrier (featured in Vogue btw- ha!!) She is very cuddly and playful, loves to gently bite our fingers, lick our eyelids and snuggle up in bed. We just stayed in the house with her over the weekend and we all were a happy little family! Right now she is watching me type and trying to get my speedy fingers!! 

Now you can meet her too- watch the video of her first day in our lives!

We are already soooo in love with her!! Whitney went from not being sure about getting a cat to declaring her undying love within a mere couple of hours (if that!)
Welcome to the Wegan family Kisses- you're going to have a life time of love we can promise you that!!

+ Kisses! XOXO
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