When Wegan Went to Crete, Greece!

Recently we booked a last minute holiday to Crete, Greece with Megan's parents and little sister Beth. And when we say last minute, we mean last minute!! It was a rather stressful process locating the best villa and flights that we could with just a few days notice. Somehow I (Megan) ended up taking over when I stumbled across the most stunning villa in Crete, and decided we had to go there. Ladies & Gentlemen, we introduce to you Olea Villas. This is the picture I found, I'm sure you can appreciate why we were so adamant to stay there!

We booked our flights with the low budget airline Ryan Air, this was our first time flying with them... they definitely live up to its reputation! Not the best experience but I guess that's why they're cheaper than other airlines- though the stress from not paying extra to reserve your seats is just not worth, in our opinion.. FYI we didn't reserve seats. We departed from a cold, grey, raining day early on thursday 12th September to four hours later land in 36 degrees Celsius in Crete- HELLO SUMMER!! 

As the booking responsibility for the family was on me, and I had seemed to found a beyond perfect Villa, I was worried it would turn out too good to be true and I'd lead my family to a little shack.. but low and behold- Olea Villas is completely as its pictured to be! 

This will do us nicely indeed! We spent the first day running around the villa in disbelief and sunbathing by the pool. We ventured to the taverna at the local beach which was less than five minutes away, and greatly feasted! The waiter was rather amused at how much we ordered!

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Stuffed squid.. Whitney loved it!

The owner's son (who I frequently e-mailed before we booked our holiday) was so attentive, that he even rang the owner of the taverna to tell him we would be there and very kindly sent over their traditional drink Raki (more like Grappa than Oozo) and desert! We were all very happily surprised!

We must say that Olea Villas more than lived up to our expectations! They paid attention to every single detail- from the branded towels, to the daily maid, refills of nespresso, hot tub, infinity pool, cinema room.. the list goes on! We were in our element!! The owner was absolutely lovely and we can't recommend their villa and service enough.

The owners wife even freshly baked us a Greek desert- bougatsa!

Yeah... you may have noticed that our hair is turning somewhat green from the eco-friendly pool!!.. Oh well.. we rocked it ;)

The local beach was less than 5 minutes walk away, it was so beautiful with clear water with the taverna right next to it.

Swim wear models... we are nit.

Lovely parentals!

We all enjoyed a few Fix beers!

Dad rocking our raybans..

Just in love with the villa!!

There was another beach 15 minute walk away, Marathi Beach, which is ab-so-lute-ly stunning!! As you can see for yourself!!

The owner also happened to be at the same taverna and sent over their traditional cheese pie.. NOM!

Zuccini pies.. YUM

Pastitsio Greek dish that my parents tried

Loving the Greek coffee!!

They do great iced coffees!!

So graceful..

Cutie pie!

Cray cray!

Ouzo.. just can't drink it..

The cinema room

Chair reupholstered by the owner, we wanted to steal it..

On one of our last days we ventured to Old Town Chania (20 minutes from our Villa).

A Starbucks in Greece.. we must find it!!

WE FOUND IT!! We had iced coconut lattes!

So pretty!

Parents enjoying a Greek coffee

Late nights in the Jacuzzi... "don't get creepy with the jets"..

Our last day came before we knew it.. we had spent the week mostly relaxing, sunbathing, reading (Orange is the New Black & Kris Jenners bio), and of course- eating!!

We went back to the Taverna that we went for our first meal.. nom.. nom..

Same kitten!

My Family <3

Goodbye Crete! You were WONDERFUL! We had an absolutely amazing time, greatly enjoyed the sun, sea and food... and of course the amazing Olea Villas! Thank you for taking such great care of us-we will be back one day for sure!!

We returned to this little one.. so we couldn't be sad for too long... she's too cute for words!!

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