Happy Valentines Day!

Ok so we're a day late but we still want to wish you all a very Happy Valentines Day! We absolutely love this holiday. Cynics say its just a Hallmark holiday, but we love celebrating love! Even though we say I love you a million times a day, it's just something wonderful about seeing all the hearts, roses, pinks and reds everywhere. It is just so us!!

Being a long distance couple this was actually only our third one that we have been able to celebrate together out of our near 6 years of being an item! In 2012 we celebrated in Paris and last year we went all out with thoughtful gifts and a trip to London to go to the Ice Bar. This year we planned to be a bit more low key (& to try save on the pennies, which we're no good at). 

It's a good thing we decided to do that as Whitney currently has tonsillitis!! I've also been working from home all week due to the local flooding, my work was a no go area! As Whitney was off ill from work, her valentines day cards to me are in her desk! However all romance was not lost...

Whitney being ill completely threw me off my plan as I had ordered flower to be delivered to her work, but I was going to surprise her with them on her lunch break! I was also going to cutely decorate the house with red and pink balloons and paper heart confetti. I had to improvise with her being home, I managed to do it in secret (blew up balloons in the bathroom whilst she slept and one popped so I thought she was on to me!) I didn't get to blow up as many as I wanted to for fear of being caught but I managed to pull it off somewhat :) 

Unfortunately the flowers were unable to be delivered to our home due to them being based where she works, so I had to make a sneaky run to the grocery store for our lunch.. and de-toured to the florist! All in all I managed to pull off the little surprises and celebrate the day of love.

What did you do for Valentines Day? 

Do you believe in celebrating or is it just a day to make money?

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