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Every Wednesday we will be bringing you YouTube videos to your big / small screens! Christened 'Wegan Wednesday' you have something to look forward to on hump day. If you haven't already please do subscribe, it makes us happy :)

Here's what happened the last few Wegan Wednesdays,....

A Very Wegan Xmas

Take a look into the days running up to and after Xmas- we badly decorate a tree, Whitney gets drunk, Whitney's mother arrives... and there's some bad singing.

We celebrate boxing day, take a trip to London and also welcome in the New Year!

A blog post about our christmas break will follow soon!

Wegan Go To Greece

Part 1 of when we went to beautiful Crete, Greece last September. (I made myself jealous having to edit this!) Featuring Beth (Megan's sister), who she thinks the videos should all be about anyways... Plus not to be missed- Whitney's dance moves! Want to go bacckkk & have a lovely tan, thank you please. If you liked the look of where we stayed, check out Olea Villas. 

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