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I know, I bet you can't believe your eyes. Love Stories has finally made its return! & what better way to make a come back than with an American- British lesbian couple who's story of how they met is very similar to ours... semester in London is the way to go to get an American girl! ;) Take it away girls...

Love Stories- Alex & Taylor

Alex and Taylor

We met at university in London in September 2012, which sounds much more straight-forward than it has been! While I was at the university I attend full-time, Taylor was only there for a semester, studying abroad from her then university, University of San Diego. I am the President of my university's LGBT Society and Taylor had recently come out. She bravely made a move to get involved with our uni's LGBT Society and so the first time I laid eyes on her was as I frantically managed sign-ups at Fresher's Fair. I remember instantly being attracted to her but thinking it would be just my luck if she never actually turned up at any of our socials.

I was pleasantly surprised therefore when two days later she came to our first event. She was even more beautiful than I remembered (a pattern which has continued ever since!). She came with a group of friends and seemed very involved with them. I always try to talk to the people who don't have anyone to talk to and as Taylor did not seem to be one of the lonely ones, and I thought there was no way she'd be interested in me, I didn't really approach her. However, when we were walking from a pub to a club, I noticed she was on her own, not talking to anyone. I went over and introduced myself and once we arrived in the club, I was tipsy enough to make the uncool move of asking a friend to ask her what she thought of me. Amazingly she told him she liked me too!

It took us a week to arrange going on our first date rather than just seeing each other at bars and clubs with the LGBT society and in the one class we shared. Leaving for my first date with Taylor I was incredibly nervous, as I thought she was so beautiful and cool. Luckily though the evening was more perfect than I could have anticipated. I took her to dinner and conversation showed we really clicked. Not only was I incredibly attracted to her, but we connected on a deep spiritual level. I discovered she was into feminism, as am I, and we even discussed how many children we wanted on our first date! The perfect evening ended with us sharing our first kiss on the banks of the Thames.

From then on, Taylor and I only became more inseparable. That she was leaving at the end of December loomed over us horribly. We shared some lovely moments like her meeting my parents in November and many more beautiful dates and lazy days together. I was very unsure about trying long-distance with her - I'd tried long distance in the past and found it hard, and even friends who had left the country promising they'd keep in touch had never followed through on their word. I was terrified Taylor would do the same. However, as the end of Taylor's time drew near, we both agreed that we simply weren't ready to let the other go. We brought in the New Year together and vowed 2013 would be our year. We even took an incredible romantic mini break to Paris for the first week of January before we were forced to say our very tearful farewells.

But long-distance with Taylor was yet another pleasant surprise. We both found the first three months we were apart absolutely crippling but my fears did not come true: Taylor remained very much interested in me, and I just loved her more every day. Long distance gave us the wonderful gift of communication, which we managed even despite the eight hour time difference. We got into a pattern we are still in: Skypeing for at least an hour a day and having constant facebook message conversations throughout our shared waking hours.

I scrimped and saved to afford to fly to California in my easter break and we were reunited for four perfect weeks of sunshine in San Diego. Seeing each other again was unbelievable. Until we were reunited in LAX, I think there was always a part of me which wondered if I'd ever see her again. But when I got off my flight to see Taylor waiting for, looking even more lovely (and much more summery, considering we'd met in an English winter!) than I remembered, suddenly long distance felt like something we had under control. We discovered our time apart had forged an even stronger bond between us. We had the most magical trip, during which I got to see Taylor's life, attend some classes with her at her university, drive in her car with her and even meet her family including her much loved dog, Molly, and cat, Cleo, who had been frequent attendees of our Skype sessions!

I headed back to the UK to finish my final work for uni and start an internship. We hoped it would just be a month before Taylor joined me but a few set-backs turned it into three months. We finally managed to get Taylor here at the beginning of July and she stayed for three whole months: an incredible gift to a long distance couple. It was absolutely amazing to experience living together and we completely settled into being constantly in one another's company. We continued to fall more in love every day, and we even celebrated our first anniversary together, with an absolutely amazing day of surprises planned for me by Taylor! Taylor went back to the America for another three months, before returning to England for three weeks, when we got to spend our first Christmas togeher!! Every goodbye is still incredibly hard, but long distance is definitely starting to feel routine and something which we are totally on top of.

As this is my final year of university, it will also be our final year of long-distance! Fortunately I'm an American citizen as I was born there to English parents so we are incredibly lucky in having no visa complications in terms of me going to live there. I will be visiting California for five weeks in spring and then, amazingly, moving out to my beautiful girl in August of this year!! It is such an amazing feeling to know that we have conquered so much already, despite having been together a year and four months. No matter what happens, I know Taylor and my love will survive whatever comes our way - we've already proved it so, so many times over.

Wow! We are so jealous that they will not have to go through the visa process, but we wousnt wish it upon anyone. Best of luck conquering the distance girls! P.s can we come stay?

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