The best part of keeping a blog is to look back upon the memories, those big and small. Over the last year or so (since Whitney moved over and we conquered the distance), I sadly find less time to blog about the small and big times that we share. I can't believe that it is already March - three months since Christmas and I have yet find time to blog about that!

With Spring around the corner, and the sun finally out, it seems silly to wan to reminisce about Christmas. However it was a special time for personal reasons- my Aunt hosted Christmas at hers (as her and my mother take it in turns), my cousin Charlotte was about to pop out her first baby, and Whitney's mother was staying with us for the second time.

We (the "children") dressed up in tacky festive jumpers this year, foregoing the need to look extra special, why not look extra Christmas-y! It was a wonderful day all shared together, and the excess food did not bring on an early birth for Charlotte- hooray! JJ held out and was officially welcomed into the world in January 2014. (Pictures later in the post!)

After Christmas we stayed the night in London- something Whitney and I have not done since she moved over, seeing as we live so near. Whit's mum wanted to see the London sights without running for a train at Waterloo (last year we nearly missed the train as gave up running on the platform!) We stayed at the funky hotel Citizen M and we had a lovely dinner on the 32nd floor of The Shard- the tallest building in Europe. Afterwards we headed to the bar, and Whitney successfully table hopped until we got a seat by the window with a perfect view of London and Tower Bridge at night. It was a lovely night, however I couldn't truly enjoy all the champagne, food and cocktails due to having a very bad cold (that lasted until I returned to work!)

Beautiful JJ arrived!! :) We are getting rather broody (aka maternal clock ticking).. uh oh...

But our darling Kisses is definitely our beloved child for now! We recently made the tough decision of getting her spayed so that she can run free and be a happy little thing! Even if she's still falling down trees and running happily towards a growling cat to make friends...

We took a trip to Wales to surprise my Grandad for his 80th birthday- isn't he looking dapper! & we took a a trip down memory lane in Cardiff!

This year is already flying by so fast with so many amazing things planned and friends to see. We recently went to visit our friends we made in Hawaii, Sonney & Ken, who have now relocated to the UK and have just given birth to their first baby- we can't wait to meet him!!

Last weekend we caught up with Lacey, Whitney's childhood friend. You may recall Lacey kindly picked me up in New York to transfer me across town to another airport. Whitney was meant to be wirh me but alas this was when her visa was unexepecdly denied! Whitney and Lacey had not seen each other since Whitney was a tomboy and went by the name of Scott!! We had such a fun night and it was great t be around Americans again, even if when we arrived I briefly thought Natalie was dead as she did not wake up despite Lacey trying to wake her up.. then when she realised we had arrived, she jumped up so quickly and was wide awake that it took me by surprise!! She later fell asleep later (jet lag or drink to blame?) and Lacey tried to wake her up once more so that she knew we were off to the bar... However she was unsuccessful, despite falling over the table and smashing a wine glass!! The Americans have arrived!!

We booked our ticket to Hawaii at the weekend and WE ARE SO EXCITED!!! We are going in August for Julia & Marcus' wedding, so it seems forever away but we still have a lot to do- rent a car, find a place to stay etc.. it's SO expensive but SO SO worth it! We have not returned for 3 years!!! We also have Julia & Marcus coming to stay with us in a couple of weeks, which will be awesome!

We have a lovely glitzy party in London to attend to and currently on the hunt for the most sparkly dresses- you will see why in due time!!

At the end of April we can't wait to meet up with Kaelyn & Lucy and Rose & Rosie. It is going to be TOO MUCH FUN!!! I don't think the world is ready. We all super can't wait for our big Meet & Greet- we nearly have sold out of 600 tickets to our venue in London. IT'S GOING TO BE THE BEST EVENT EVER Y'ALL!! #ROSWEGLYN

Then lastly in May, we have my birthday (turning 27- sob!) and Whitney's best friend Seth and his partner Jeff are coming to stay for the FIRST time! YAY!!!

So wow, lots of great memories are coming our way- I just hope I manage to blog about them this time! One thing that hasn't changed is that we are still so happy living as wife and wife!

I just uploaded Part 2 of Greece so check it out if you want to see our amazing villa and the end of our holiday! :)

In other news- Kentucky passed a law meaning that out of state and country gay marriages will be recognised IN Kentucky!! Whitney even made an appearance on her home town news! Go baby!!

I love to look back as it truly makes you appreciate how great life can be! 

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