We Like You March!

March so far has been great and we've thoroughly enjoyed making the most of our weekends, this is largely to the sun actually coming out and we're no longer stuck with gloomy days! Well certainly at the weekend, and that's when it counts right?

On Friday (7 March) we met up one last time with the lovely ladies Lacey and Natalie before they headed their separate ways back to LA and NY. We met up with them at Wahaca at the Southbank and they loved the innovative Mexican street food restaurant. 

We enjoyed quite a few margaritas and had a great time, we just wish these girls lived closer to us!! It's definitely a lot harder as you get older to make new friends and truly find those you can just easily have a great time with, we seem to find our all over the world! They even brought us pain au chocolat from PARIS as they had just returned from there on Friday- "I could die".

We took my parents out for lunch on Saturday (8 March) for my Father's birthday. It was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to visit a restaurant we hadn't been to before- Go Go's Waterfront Restaurant at Windsor Marina. 

We were all really pleasantly surprised by the decor inside (black chalk paint walls) and the food was certainly unusual- South African mixed with British theme. Whitney and my mother had the bacon and banana burger, which apparently was awesome! My father had the surf and turf espetada and I had the vegetarian version with roasted vegetables and halloumi. It was so tasty!! 

We realised someone working at Go Gos had an American accent and Whitney had a feeling they were from Hawaii. We were right! Turns out she's from Hawaii, called Megan, married to a British man and living in Windsor. If you thought that was a crazy coincidence- they got married on the same beach we got engaged!! Waimanalo beach is both our favourite beaches!! What are the odds?!

We even decided to spruce up the Wegan Garden, it's been a bit abandoned by us and looking rather bare and dull. My mother accompanied us to the garden centre and tried to steer us a away from the bright Granny coloured flowers, but she didn't win. The next day we were rather pleased as well as realising it sure does look like a snazzy Grandma lives at Wegan Manor!! haha. 

Kisses was very excited we were gardening and almost got injured multiple times- her claw got stuck in the metal measuring tape (most horrid thing ever to hear her meow in pain!!) but all was well, until she tried to pounce at any holes we were digging, get in the tree by mother was cutting and last, but not least, we realised the black bag of shrubbery was moving- she was underneath it all! She nearly got taken away in a black bag!! Oh Kisses, how we love you.
Last Saturday we went on the hunt for two glitzy dresses for the event at the end of march, but have had no such luck yet ah! It's so hard to find ONE dress, let alone two!! #femmecoupleproblems

We also had my sister Beth stay the right, and perhaps drunk a bit too much wine and champagne! 

Sunday was a lovely hot day, that we took advantage and attempted to sun bath! Not sure if really did much, but it was a great feeling to be in the sun! We continued our dress hunt, with no luck, and returned with an ottoman that we managed to get a great deal on. The home nesting never ends!

We're looking forward to this weekend with Whitney's friend Julia and Marcus coming to stay, they are arriving in a few hours!

Then next week we have Attitude magazines glitzy event to look forward to! It's to celebrate their 20th anniversary and their 'Love & Marriage' edition, which we are in! You can order your copy here. Question is... what WILL Wegan wear?!

So yes, we like you march. Keep the sunshine coming!
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