Back To Long Distance!

Yes, Wegan are separated for the next week and back to long distance. We are physically apart for 8 days because Whitney has gone back to USA to visit family. This is the first time that we have had a night apart for nearly two years. She moved to join me in the UK in June 2012, and we have not had a single night not sleeping side by side! 

Long distance is a funny thing to go through. It's made us never, ever want to be apart from each other. Ever. Again. Yet when you conquer long distance, it means you're in long distance with someone else. In this case Whitney is in a LDR with her mum and family. I completely understand the reasoning for her going 'home' to the South to see everyone and to touch base with her culture. 

I have ever slept in my bed, or my house, by myself. This will be a very strange week for me! I'm used to waking up next to her, making two coffees, two smoothies & dropping her off to work everyday. No doubt I'll go to her work out of habit! 

Kisses has been the most perfect kitten and has been keepimg me company. She even curled up in my lap last night (she never does that) and the during the night she snuggled up in my arms right next to me. Either she knows I'm sad or she loves having her mummy all to herself!! Haha.

I'm going to spend the week catching up on TV programmes we don't want together, blogging (hello) and editing videos. Plus seeing family & friends! 

Slight height difference with Matt (AKA our Civil Partnership photographer).

Yesterday I just hung out in my sisters shop. Beth is leaving for Brazil in a weeks time, she will be gone for 2 months!! Will be weird to not have my little sister near, but it's an experience she deserves to have!

Today I went to Go Go's restaurant with my parents, we managed to get a seat upstairs and outside in the sun. I nearly cried from excitement when I saw that they have importted KONA BREWING BEER FROM HAWAII!!! You guyssss you don't know what this means to me (lol ok maybe you do). That made my day!! I will look forward to sharing a Kona beer with the wife when she returns.

Enjoy the South baby! But not too much as your wifey & kitten are eagerly awaiting your return!

If you want to see me cry like a baby, watch our goodbye video.. I swear it felt worse saying goodbye to life as we know it now together than it did to say goodbye for 3 months! Oh long distance, what did you do to us?!

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