Wegan Go To Attitude Mag's Party!

We recently attended a big bash that Attitude Magazine were hosting on 29th March 2014, to celebrate gay marriage becoming legal in UK, their 'Love & Marriage' special edition mag (which we're in) and Attitude's 20th anniversary! Woo!! The event was held at the beautiful Grosvenor House in London, sponsored by the Marriott and Smirnoff. It was the most awesome, random and fun night. I was so proud to have Whitney by my side as my wife. Even though we were at a gay event- everyone was still surprised when they realised we were a couple!

We stayed at Hotel Indigo (Paddington) and loved the hotel, they even had a rainbow carpet! They must have known we were coming ;)

The theme of the event was birthday glamour glitz... so BAM that's what we went for! 

As the event was sponsored by Smirnoff it was an open bar with awesome cocktails, just what Wegan like to see!

The 'Love & Marriage' mag that we're in!

We met Brian Paddick, he is the most senior open gay police officer, now working in House of Lords. I read his book for my Criminology degree, so I was rather excited to spot him there. He was lovely, as was his husband! They make a great couple. 

We bumped into my friend Nik Thakkar (who was part of the first night we ever met). I hadn't seen him in years so it was great to see his face again!

We managed to coerce the Christian for a photo with us (the journalist who interviewed us for the mag) who insisted he doesn't like photos, but hey it turned out a pretty good one even if we do say so ourselves!

We befriended the only other open lesbian at the event- Lucy Spraggan (from X factor). She is a really nice girl and we had a great time getting to know her. 

Ana Matronic (Scissor Sisters) also attended the event and introduced Boy George on stage to DJ!

Here's something you may not know about me, I was a huge Will Young fan! Rooted for him on Pop Idol and I've been to see him quite a few times in concert, mainly with the bestie Karen. It was very surreal and funny to meet him. He was a lovely guy & I managed to not fan girl! (Kinda)

Shortly after meeting Will Young, I MAY have fallen down the stairs... Whitney found it the funniest thing she had EVER seen! Luckily as I jumped to my feet, a man had very nicely picked up all the stuff that fell out of my bag. I thought I had gotten away with not many people seeing it, but a couple of guys approached me towards the event of the event & apologised that they found it so funny. They even reacted it for me, I was dying off laughter (& embarrassment) but good to know I was very graceful and lady like as jumping back up to my feet like nothing had happened. Oh it had to happen to me didn't it!!

The awesome Jodie Harsh was also at the party and did an awesome DJ set. DAMN her makeup is flawless!!

We had a lovely chat with Gogglebox Chris and his Partner Tony (super lovely). He also stole that gold vodka LOL!

Before we knew it, the party was sadly over. We hopped in a taxi with Lucy Spraggan to go to Heaven but unfortubately she only had VIP for +1 guest and we were in too much pain in our heels to wait in the long queue. So we headed back to our hotel.. and proceeded to have Buger King!! HAHA. Classy end there Wegan!

Needless to say it was an awesome night & here's an insight into the day leading up to and after the party! Thanks for a great night Attitude! Here's to LOVE!

Let's do it again??

Watch our vlog from the day!

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