#ROSWEGLYN + Diva Photoshoot!

WOW. Where to start?! Last weekend was the most surreal, yet awesome, weekend of our lives! For months we have been planning a meet & greet event with our friends and fellow Youtubers, Lucy & Kaelyn, and Rose & Rosie. We literally sent over 2,000 messages to plan this event to a sold out crowd of 600 people! 

The big day was set for 26th April 2014, so the day before on 25th April we all planned to meet up in London. We had met both couples before, but Luclyn and the Roses had yet to meet! We were also meeting up with our beautiful host Bella, a freelance journalist (she writes for Diva magazine & The Guardian you guyssss!)
The Day Before #ROSWEGLYN!

Friday consisted of a photoshoot at Diva magazine HQ in London. (Diva is the UK's largest lesbian magazine). It was rather amusing for the 6 of us to be in a room with a white screen behind us, lighting and pulling out the poses! We had such a fun time, with pictures as couples and as the 6 of us. We met the wonderful Carrie from Diva there (also our photographer), who when taking photographs of the 6 of us plus with Pink playing in the background, proclaimed this was the gayest moment of her carer! Haha. We can't wait to see how the pictures turned out! There will also be an interview, and we will be in the June issue of Diva (out end of May). 

Diva have already posted their review of #ROSWEGLYN online, go have a little read! We think it's great, but we may be somewhat biased ;)

After the photoshoot we headed back to Luclyn's apartment and we filmed with Handsome productions (for a tester pilot) and skyped some fans. It was so much fun surprising our fan Emma who had no idea she was about to skype with us, and not the producer from Handsome Productions!  It was just an overwhelming feeling for us, as it was for her! Kaelyn & Lucy also surprised Emma in our Skype session. It was just too much fun!

Later on that day, the Roses and Bella turned up at Luclyn's flat. We shared some champagne & had dominos whilst reading over the script for the next day. The nerves started to kick in for us all that's for sure!!

Excited and needing beauty sleep, we headed back to Paddington with the Roses, agreeing to meet them at 10.30am back at Paddington the next day. #ROSWEGLYN was merely a few hours away!!
Watch our vlog from Friday below and we will have a full re-cap of #ROSWEGLYN on here soon with a video from the day too! Needless to say it was an awesome day!
We're also to be featured in the Free Comment section of The Guardian (Megan's favourite newspaper) thanks to our awesome host Bella Qvist.

We've had a rather crazy last few days, but what's clear is our love for one another as couples and as friends! Long live #ROSWEGLYN!

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