Wow, can't believe that it has already been nearly a month since #ROSWEGLYN took place. As recapped in our last post, we had the most amazing day in London hanging out and having a photoshoot with Diva Magazine. 

26th April 2014- #ROSWEGLYN

As Friday 25th April drew to an end, we sad goodbye to Rose & Rosie on the train, planning to meet at Paddington station the very morning. My sister Lauren stayed over as she was being wonderful and giving up her Saturday to help us with the merch and filming (she was a superstar!) Unfortunately on our way to Paddington, we received a frantic phone call from Lucy informing us that Rose had collapsed/ had a seizure at Reading station. We were in pure shock & so worried for Rose, hoping she was ok! We felt so sorry for Rosie as well, we can't imagine how scary that must have been for her to watch and not knowing how to help! (Rose and Rosie made a video about what actually happened). We went onto Luclyn's apartment without the Roses and headed towards the venue in a taxi, as cliche as it was, the show had to go on!

Upon arriving at the venue we were so surprised to see the amount of people waiting for us, the queue was so long and the doors weren't opening for a while! It was such a fun experience witnessing that. The taxi driver told us we were his most famous passengers... LOL if only he knew!! We rushed inside and started to set up all of our merch before the doors open. I left my beloved camera in my sisters hands whilst we headed nervously back stage. We had a check out of the stage whilst everyone was filing in and then awaited backstage for the event to begin! My sister was loving being in control of 'Wegan Cam' and even made the crowd do a 'Mexican Wave'!

Waiting to go on stage- eek!!

Due to the Roses not being there, Kaelyn went on stage to announce what had happened to her (though they all pretty much knew from social media), luckily they were all worried for Rose but happy to still see the rest of us! The four of us made our way on to the stage, from great introductions written by Rose and delivered brilliantly by our beautiful host Bella. Personally I love the fact that we are introduced as "practically joint at the face". We then proceeded with a half an hour Q&A, which I must admit was rather nerve wracking suddenly speaking in front of 600 people with all eyes on you. We successfully made our way through the questions, ranging from what characteristics do we like most about one another, to Lucy's favourite character from Harry Potter. We took a stage 'selfie' with the audience and we sang Happy Birthday to a 14 year old who was in attendance with her mum. Even now the experience is all completely surreal, and the meet and greet was yet to come. 

When we started to meet and greet all the attendees, they lined up in wrist band order given out the order they arrived to the venue. It was such a wonderful experience getting to meet and greet all of our fans, some who had been watching us for years, whilst overs were still relatively new to us. It was adorable that they were so nervous to meet us! We recognised a few of our followers (Chelsea, Emma, Steff & Chloe to name a few) so it was great to finally meet them in person! Rosie managed to arrive during the meet and greet, we were so pleased to see her- as were their fans!!

We didn't realise how exhausting it would be to meet all 600, we stood on our feet for 5 hours, hugged every attendee, took pictures & selfies (and admittedly had to change from our heels to flat shoes). However, we would do it all again as it was amazing to meet each and every attendee. What was unwavering was the overwhelming feeling from meeting all these lovely people who had been watching our videos and the impact we had on them.  We are honoured that attendees travelled from Australia, Hong Kong, Denmark, Germany and Sweden to name a few, just to meet us. We received such wonderful letters and presents that means so much to us, we will be writing to you all soon- we promise!

 Knowing the impact that we have on these attendees, mainly young LGBT teens, but also older followers and parents to, is a incomprehensible feeling. We were told that by putting our lives out there, living visibly as a happily married femme couple, we have made lives easier for the younger (and older) generation in accepting who they are or knowing that they will end up happy. To be seen as role models truly makes what we do all the more worthwhile. What we created wasn't just a Youtube event, is was a safe haven for LGBT teens to meet up and make friends. They frequently commented how amazing it was to feel they could be themselves, I'm so glad we could provide that for them!

Once the event was all over (sob) we headed back to Luclyn's apartment, popped a bottle of Moet to cheers.. and in rock star style, we headed back home and grabbed a McDonalds at the train station as we were starving!! Haha. Pure glamour!!

It truly will remain one of the most memorable days of our lives, and not only was it great to meet such lovely followers, it truly reinforced the friendship and love that we have for both Kaelyn and Lucy & Rose and Rosie. Can't wait to see you girls all again!! Until then...

Check out our vlog from #ROSWEGLYN 2014- comment if you spot yourself in it! 

I also wrote an article for the Huffington Post, why not give it a read as well- #ROSWEGLYN- A Youtube 'Meet & Greet' That Became So Much More.

Psst: The merch from #ROSWEGLYN is on sale, but hurry as they're all limited edition and when they're gone, they're gone! Includes a Wegan t-shirt with #ROSWEGLYN on the back, Wegan wristbands in pink or mint and the #ROSWEGLYN poster! You can order them here.

P.S don't eat Burger King & Dominos the night before a big event.. Megan looked like she had a kangaroo pouch & Whitney had no eyes- we were SOOO bloated! We laugh so much at all of the pics. It had to be the one day AT LEAST 600 pictures were taken!....
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