A Jam Packed May 2014- Windsor, Stonehenge, Paris!

May 2014 was a jam packed month, as has this whole year been. No wonder it is flying by faster than I can type- it's now nearing a;ready July!! We're over half way until 2015... Say what?!
So what happened in May I hear you ask? Well, let me just tell ya... 
We kicked off the month with a bank holiday weekend, following #ROSWEGLYN. We took part in an interview for a project we can't share with you yet, but we're excited to see it finished and to be involved!
I had Charlotte, one of my good friends from my uni days visit me. It was lovely to catch up and show her around where we live.

On 8th May I (Megan) turned 27 years old! Woah!! Whitney & I met when I was the springful age of 21. Where has the time gone? (Hello crows feet!!) 

As you get older, it feels hard to comprehend your birthday, it doesn't quite feel the same but I still had a wonderful time with the wife and those nearest and dearest. I had a family dinner at our fav restaurant Go Go's (just another excuse for a Kona beer!)

On the Saturday I celebrated with the sister Lauren (lacking Beth as she was still in Brazil) and the wife & closest friends. Any excuse for champagne & a barbie pink dress!

Dress: River Island, Accessories: Moet (optional).
A few days after my birthday, Whit's bestfriend since childhood Seth, arrived for the first time to the UK with his boyfriend Jeff. Yes, Seth & Jeff. We like to call them 'Jeth' (it naturally happens). I drove for the first time ever to Heathrow airport (go me!) I got beeped at on the roundabout arriving and leaving the airport, but we made it back in one piece!! 

The boys wanted to see as much as possible on their few days here, so after quickly showing them Windsor, off we went to go see Stone Henge! (Another first for me driving there, go me!) Whitney had never been to Stonehenge before and I hadn't seen it for years. Luckily we had amazing weather, the sun was shining and it was so beautiful there (a rare sight in the UK). 

We had a wonderful time being reunited with Jeth, and we took them to Nandos that night (you can't visit us in the UK and not be taken to Nandos!) The following day the boy went round London and we had a family dinner, Seth was very excited to meet the family seeing as he is pretty much Whit's brother!
Saturday it was Jeff's birthday and Seth had booked a surprise weekend taking him to Paris - & Wegan were invited too! We had booked the eurostar and hotel months ago and managed to keep it a secret. Until Jeth arrived and Whitney casually mentioned how we were going to e in Paris on the Monday and therefore couldn't go to brunch that day... Seth & I nearly killed her for giving away the surprise but Jeff was excited to go! We said Bon Voyage to London and headed to Paris early on Saturday, so we arrived midday in Paris. 

We stayed in Hotel Plantine, it was an awesome hotel that is Marilyn Monroe themed! The most amazing scent hits you as you walked in and they had Marilyn Monroe pics lit up as you walked in. Our bedroom was wonderfully girlie and pink, and our bathroom lit up pink & changing coloured lights. It was very Wegan to say the least!! The boys had a lavish gold and black room which we equally loved. 

Even the lift was pink!!
We headed out to explore Paris with the boys and to take in the sights.

Despite visiting Paris numerous times, the sights really do not get old! This time we stayed 15 minutes walk from the Eiffel tower, which was a first. I could stare at the Eiffel Tower everyday and still love it. It's gorgeous at each time of the day, from morning, to afternoon, to dusk and lit up at night. We stayed ended up walking 10 miles for the 2 days that we spent there, we saw so much and our feet sure did kill but it was worth it! Again, we were so lucky with the weather as it was boiling hot and the sun did not stop shining.
Whilst Jeth went round the Louvre on the Sunday, we rested our feet and then headed to the Padlock Bridge. When we went there years ago you could still see gaps on the bridge in-between padlocks but this time it was so full of padlocks, that there's padlocks on padlocks and overflowing everywhere you look! 

Before we knew it, our time had sadly come to an end in Paris. Before saying Bon Voyage we enjoyed a meal out at a restaurant with fabulous decor. As a vegetarian I never have the most amazing meals in Paris, but I quite enkoyed my tomato pasta whilst Whitney had to send her steak back 3 times so that it was actually medium - well! We had the most wonderful time experiencing Paris with Seth and Jeff. Shortly after returning to the UK, the boys made their way to Ireland and then back to the USA. We miss you Jeth! Come back!!

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