Goodbye 2014. Hello 2015!

Happy New Year Dearest Followers! 

We hope that you all had a wonderful time bringing in the new year. We've been having a great trip to the South, with lots of people and places seen. We will update you with all we got up to soon (promise... we may even finish our Hawaii vacation round up too woops!) 
Here's a round up of what we got up to in 2013, lets have a little round up of what we did in 2014...
In Megan's words...
Goodbye to 2014, what a year you were! One of the very best! These pictures are such a tiny snippet of some of the great moments of 2014- celebrating equal marriage at Attitude mags party, enjoying Paris with Seth & Jeff, meeting so many of our wonderful followers & sharing a front cover of Diva with our besties, a last minute trip to Nice & Monaco, seeing my cousin Matt get married, a long awaited vacation to Hawaii, seeing our friend Julia get married, Whitney successfully obtaining her visa, winning Lesbian Role Model of the Year, celebrating Thanksgiving in the UK, receiving a promotion at work, Whitney being offered a great new job to start in 2015 & ending the year with our first Christmas in America! Forever grateful for the fantastic life & love that I lead with my wife & the wonderful people I get to call family & friends. Thanks to those who have continued to support us & hope you continue along with us into our journey into 2015! Happy New Year all!! Xoxo
In Whitney's words...
Happy New Year! What an incredible year 2014 was & here is a recap: Coming home to America in the spring to see my family, meeting 600 of our dearest fans at ‪#‎rosweglyn‬, Seth & Jeff visiting us & our Paris getaway, a lovely trip to Nice & Monaco, our Diva front cover shoot with our besties, featured in Attitude Magazines' equal marriage edition & attended their fabulous party, 3 blissful weeks in Hawaii & attended Julia & Marcus' wedding, I received indefinite leave to remain in the UK for life, my wife received Lesbian role model of the year, and I received a fantastic new job that I start in January! Lastly I enjoyed a fantastic Christmas in America with my family with a road trip across the South. I am now sitting on the couch with my wife & mother drinking champagne whilst bringing in 2015!! Thank you to all the amazing people in my life! I love & adore you all! Here's to a great year! Bring on 2015!!
Last year we reflected on what we thought we'd do in 2013.. and what we actually did! So what did we think we'd do in 2014?
  • Wedding planning for 2015! Nope! Oops.. we postponed it yet again and will finally figure it out this year.. will it be 2016? 2017? Time will tell!
  • Megan starts her new job in HR full time, and we both want to keep moving forward with our careers. Check! I completed my first year in HR, finally fining a career that I love and ended the year with a promotion. Yay! Whitney also ended the year securing a new role for a fab company which she starts at the end of January. Yay! We both work really hard with full time jobs which ultimately impacts on the time we can spend on blog posts and YouTube videos. We try balancing the two and feel that we are semi-succeeding!
  • Back to getting fit and using our gym membership. Check & Nope! We had a good half a year of fitness routine, and then completely went out of the routine.
  • We want to start saving our pennies, in order to be able to enjoy the year fully and make it to Hawaii in August for Whitney's friends wedding!! & I think we might need some pennies for our wedding- EEK! Check! Well... sort of.. we may not have been the best at saving but we still managed fully enjoy the year, go to Hawaii and attend Whit's friends wedding! Yay!

 So what does 2015 hold in store for Wegan?

  • Lets get back to the gym and lose some of our love pounds! 
  • We want to do some work on our house- finally paint the front door and our bedroom, make our lounge more cosy etc.
  • Continue to succeed at our jobs.
  • Make more Youtube videos (rather than just vlogs!) 
  • Post more blog posts and keep up to date with what we get up to (this year I managed to do 40 blog posts, even less than the year before and missed out on so many events).
Did you do what you thought you'd do in 2014? What does 2015 have in store for you?  Comment & let us know!

Here's to 2015!

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