So Gay Marriage Biblically Offends You? Then You Should Read This...

Following the wonderful news of SCOTUS legalising gay marriage throughout the USA, it was proclaimed worldwide that #lovewins. Everyone around the world celebrated this great step towards equality. As an American-English couple, we particlary rejoiced. However sadly soon came the hate, in particular from the South i.e Kentucky where Whitney is originally from. Among the many changing rainbow themed Facebok pictures popped up status updates from people back home spewing their hatred for LGBT people/ rights.  This is not to say that there wasn't any support from people back in Kentucky, because there has also been some amazing Southern people standing up for LGBT rights- from straights, to gays, to even a Pastor! The hate, however, could not be ignored.

Fed-up and fueld by their hatred, Whitney decided to write a blog post for The Huffington Post last Thursday.

Last night the post was finally published onto the Gay Voices section entitled "So Gay Marriage Biblically Offends You? Then You Should Read This..." Whitney thought that a few people would see it and hopefully it would help those who are struggling with being LGBT and Christian, and maybe, just maybe she would inspire a homophobic Christian to see it differently.

What she (nor I) didn't see coming was the vast spread of hateful comments on the post. It spread like wildfire and at the moment her article has over 3,000+ comments! There are too many to read through to see how much is actually posivite, but having seen some of the hateful comments, we're guessing 80% of it is by hateful, ignornat so-called "Christians"- who really are anything but Christian!

However there is most definitely a larger amount of positivity radiating from her article, with over 24,000+ likes on Facebook! She's received some amazing comments, messages and emails from LGBT people who are Christian and the support means so much. We're both absoloutely amazed, and slightly over-whelmed, by the response thus far. If you haven't already then give it a read here (& try to ignore the hateful comments).

I'm so proud of my wife for being so brave and staying true to herself and her religious beliefs. Give it a like and please do share it! & most of all, please don't forget that in the end, true love prevails all.

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