Want to know where are the lesbians are at?!

Then look no further!....

Ever been frustrated when walking into a gay bar to only spot one lesbian among a sea of gay men? Or wished that the UK would throw a big lesbian party akin to America's Dinah Shore? Expect, ya know, without the having to wear a bikini bit.

Well here's the answer to your prayers, and it's called L Fest! It's quite simply an award winning lesbian festival full of arts, music, comedy and... lots. of. lesbians. What more could you want? Oh how about a bit of glamping (there's even mirrors and plug sockets for hair dryers hair straighteners) or you could even stay in a turt! You can even bring your dog with you!!

You'll get to see the likes of X-factor contestant Lucy Spraggan and girl band Stooshe hit the stage, and readings from lesbian author Kiki Archer (who we love). There's lots going on, and whats more you can finally feel at home among a sea of lesbians!! Plenty of fish and all that ;)

It's a weekend event (though you can just go for the day) 17th - 20th July, and you can even get 10% off your ticket when you use the promo code 'Wegan'. Tickets therefore cost £89 instead of £99. You have to book through the group ticket area to use the promo code, but you can buy individual tickets this way.

If you go, let us know how it goes! Sadly we can't make it this year but we hope to attend the next one! Keep an eye on our Youtube as we may have a ticket giveaway coming your way!

You can thank us later!...

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