Find Femmes Follow Up!

Since launching our niche dating site Find Femmes, we've been a little bit busy over the past couple of weeks! The uptake has been even better than expected, so many wonderful femmes have been signing up around the world!

We've also been featured in The Huffington Post & on The Fab Femme, as well as our 4 part vlog series for Diva- Check it out: Vlog 1, Vlog 2, Vlog 3, Vlog 4.

Last week we were on Huff Post Live talking about the site. Which is literally live through google hangout. We were rather nervous when it came to it! The brilliant Alison Gill, Senior Legislative Counsel for HRC was the first person to be interviewed and she spoke so well, our nerves shot through the roof! (We realised the next day why we recognised her, when we watched I Am Cait Part 2 of Caitlyn's trip to San Fran!) When it came to our go we managed to sail through the questions and really enjoyed being on the show. Think we amused the host Josh Zepps anyways! Check out our segment here.

We have a few exciting features in the pipeline, as well as planning some exciting things, so watch 
 this space! 

If you haven't yet, please do pop over to Find Femmes to check it out and sign up for free. We're available in the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa & Ireland! We've just uploaded some tweaks to the website, so not only should it now be clearer how to change it to your country, it looks just as beautiful on mobile as it does on desktop. Hooray!

We'll be back to blogging and vlogging usual Wegan stuff soon, just hang in there whilst we're launching FF! MWAH!

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