No More Wegan Wednesdays?!

Consistency is key with Youtube, and as you're most likely aware- we try our utmost to post every Wednesday aka #weganwednesday. Fitting this around our full time jobs is hard enough, but we do it because we love it & we love you!

However, alongside the increasing demands of our jobs and launching and running our dating site Find Femmes... clearly we're not quite busy enough because I (Megan) have also embarked on another qualification (CIPD Advanced Certificate in Human Resource Management). 

It's time to get real... and as much as I'm hoping nothing much will change, unfortunately it will impact on being able to upload weekly, and in particular every Wednesday! Every Tuesday I will be attending classes until 9pm, which will most likely mean the Wegan Wednesdays aren't as plausible. I will still aim to be as frequent as we can, and sometimes they may be on Wednesdays, but I just wanted to give more of an explanation as to why they aren't going to be frequent. (& if you've seen Whit Cam then you know where the video editing skills lie haha.) I've also just completed an employment law essay for another qualification, hence why there hasn't been time to upload the past couple of #weganwednesdays. (It would be nice to spend some time with the wife also!)

Please know that we aren't going anywhere and we appreciate your patience! I hate letting you down and I put a lot of pressure on myself to get consistent content uploaded, and as always want to blog more, but we know that you'll still be there for when we do!

We have some exciting news with the launch of Find Femmes that we'll post full details of soon (you may know if you follow us on Twitter). 

If you haven't seen it yet, our last upload to Youtube is Whitney's coming out in Kentucky story. She's been asked by our followers to film it for years and we tried last year and she was too nervous to post it. So we gave it a go again, and whilst she was still very nervous, she managed to do it! It made me realise how brave my wife truly is and I'm so proud! We hope it will help anyone who's going through a tough time coming out, particulary if you're in the South! Read about it on The Huffington Post & watch here:

Thanks again for all your love & support!

p.s check out our interview with Diva Magazine, which is out now with the fab Hannah Hart on the front!

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