Wegan Fashion / Beauty Haul | Christmas Present Ideas

Oh my goodness- how did it become DECEMBER?!! I'm seriously still in shock/ confused as to why Christmas decorations are up and Christmas music are now playing in the shops. 

Alas, Christmas has crept up upon us, and we have yet to even begin our Xmas shopping! EEK so if you're like us and wondering what on earth to buy one of your nearest and dearest, check out our fashion / beauty haul video below! Hopefully you'll get some ideas, whether that's for a main pressie with The Fifth Watches (be quick! They're released tomorrow!!) or the Spin for Perfect Skin set... or if it's just a silly stocking filler with your fav Emoji pillow!

But can we just take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous The Fifth Watches are?! We just love them and so glad that we've found this brand! What's more you can get $10 off when using the offer code WHITNEYANDMEGAN.

& yes, this Spin for Perfect Skin really does make your skin look amazing!! Get 70% off using the offer code: WEGANXO

Hope you enjoyed our fashion/ beauty haul video, and hopefully maybe gave you a couple more ideas of what to get for Xmas - maybe put them on your own Christmas list. I'm sure you've been good this year!!

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