Join us for Digital Pride!

As mentioned in our announcement video, we're proud to be partnering up with Gay Star News and their Digital Pride, taking place at the end of April 2016. & we want YOU to join us! 

The idea of digital pride is that no matter where you live around the world, you can still feel included and apart of the LGBTQ community/ family as it will be streamed around the world! 

Register to attend 'Digital Pride' and download your virtual!
Digital Pride kicks off on 25 April 2016, ending with a fabulous day event (12pm - 7pm GMT) and night event (10:30pm-5am GMT) on 30 April 2016. What's more, this great event is ope to all and free for the day event, and only £3 for the night if you buy ahead of the event!

Here's some more information from Gay Star News:
"Digital Pride takes to the mainstage of G-A-Y at Heaven nightclub, streamed live, to kick start a day of pride celebrations with support from YouTube royalty, politicians, live entertainment from the greats of London's gay scene, charities including Stonewall as well as Digital Pride sponsors Late Rooms, Barefoot Wines, Wickes, Pink Lady, Smirnoff and Pride in London bringing the soul to the party! 
Then we take to the dancefloor to host the world's first global pride party, beamed live across the world for everyone to enjoy - in particular those who haven't been to a pride before, don't have a pride event close to them or those in fear of persecution and their safety in countries where being LGBTI is illegal, here they can be who they are with their fellow community in the privacy of their own home."
Sounds absolutely fabulous doesn't it!

Design your own Smirnoff bottle!

You can also enter to win the chance to design your own Smirnoff bottle AND have it created and sold! All proceed will go to the great charity R U Coming Out. 

Be the DJ!

Been at parties where you've hated the music an wish you could just plug your iPod in? Well nows your chance to be DJ at this great event by helping Gay Star News make the ultimate Spotify playlist! They have 5 playlist and you can just go in and add their favourite songs! Guess who we added to Diva-Licious? ;)

Check out the teaser video here.

Happy Pride! See you there?

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