Wegan News!

Dearest followers,

We have some exciting news! If you don't avidly follow us on our social media accounts then you will have missed a recent exciting announcement!....

You'll soon be seeing our faces on your TV screen! We recently filmed for a BBC One show which will air at the end of August. All we can say for now is that it's do with relationships! ;) We had a lot of fun filming for it but boy was it tiring!

We'll keep you updated and we're super excited to see it air!

In other news, due to popular we have finally launched black t-shirts for Wegan merch! Same designs, different colours. We've partnered up with a new company, Something Personal, to print our t-shirts and they're looking extra- fabulous! Get your black tee here.

We still personally send the orders, and appreciate each and every one of you that want to wear Wegan merch!

If there's any other designs that you'd love to see then please do drop us a comment. We'll be bringing out a new design for Pride 2016 soon!

I've nearly finished my CIPD qualification so soon you'll see a plethora of blog posts and videos coming your way!

Psst... It's my birthday in a few days (8th May).. I'll be entering into my final year of my 20'. HOW?! Time sure is flying by!

P.s follow me on snapchat 'meganfromwegan'.

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