When Harry Married Meghan: The Royal Wedding 2018

Here's a re-cap of our Royal Wedding day from the viewpoint of Whitney!

To us, the Royal Wedding was everything we thought it would be and the vibe in Windsor was incredible and had such a buzz. Being local residents to Windsor, we enjoyed going into town in the days leading up to Windsor to see what was happening. 


On the big day, we were fortunately invited to Megan's Uncle's to watch the Royal Wedding, as he lives literally right opposite the long walk of Windsor Castle and would provide a great view of the procession.  This gave us an incredible, once in a lifetime view of something spectacular in person. It was crazy to see so many influential people in our town and amazing to have our home town  represented in such a great way. Also, can I just say I couldn't contain myself when I saw on TV Oprah rocking up to the Windsor Castle in her beautiful blush pink ensemble by Stella McCartney. I was even more excited for the day!
The only hiccup we encountered was getting to Megan's uncle's... In what typically would have been a 10 minute walk, it took us over an hour with the crowds and security. I (Whitney) am claustrophobic and thought at one point I was going to have a panic attack. Luckily, we bumped in to one of our followers in the queue who kindly distracted me with great conversation whilst we waited to go through the metal detector. We did make it to Megan's Uncle's eventually and were greeted with a (much needed) chilled glass of bubbly!
It was also a beautiful and sunny day, which is often rare in the UK, so we had an amazing day with family, copious amounts of champagne, the sun and we all shared such happiness for the new addition to the royal wedding, Meghan Markle, now known as the Duchess of Sussex. 

We also, had the most amazing view of when they went by in their carriage. However, it was unbelievably fast at the speed they went by. We expected them to trot by and we barely had time to get our camera's ready to film or take photo's. Somehow my iphone pulled through! You can see the footage Megan captured in our vlog below. 






We also had two super nice armed police / snipers (aka Rifle Officers) on the roof to protect the royals and the general pubic. After the wedding was over and they received the all clear, we are able to chat to them and even have a picture wearing their hats. Megan's mum also briefly joined the polce, haha. 


Lauren married Harry, and Whitney married Megan! We beat you to it ;)

Watch our vlog to join us as we attend the Royal Wedding in Windsor. Get to see some of the lead up and behind the scenes before the actual day. You'll get to see our reactions to seeing Meghan's dress and the wedding. Plus, find our how & why Megan ends up with champagne in her SHOES!...

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