Wegan Travels UK: Luxury Hotel Review of Seaham Hall Hotel & Spa

To bring in our Birthday's in proper Wegan fashion, we decided to have a joint pre-birthday getaway; and to enjoy some much needed down time and relaxation. In May we had the pleasure of staying at Seaham Hall & Hotel Spa,  a luxury 5 star hotel located in the county of Durham. Situated within 37 acres of stunning landscaped gardens on top of a breathtaking cliff top. This Georgian country house oozes contemporary luxury with a classical elegance with a five star service service and the friendliest staff, creating an incredible ambiance and lasting memories.  

Upon our arrival, we immediately headed to their incredible Serenity Spa where we received a very relaxing couples massage, facial and scalp massage. It was amazing and we left feeling so at ease and so relaxed. We also loved the ambiance and overall feel of the spa as its largely influenced from Asia and has such a tranquil vibe. 

It's so lovely to be able to do these types of things as wife and wife. As we are also business partners, it is so needed to take time out and enjoy moments like these.

After our treatments, we were taken to relax with an incredible view of the hotel grounds and the sound of birds chirping to further the relaxation. It's funny as we even asked if the birds were real or a recording, as in Windsor we unfortunately mainly hear planes! We enjoyed lemon water and a delicious berry sorbet. 

We certainly worked up bit of an appetite after our treatments but with not long to until until dinner, we opted for a small lunch in the Ozone, which is serving up delicious Pan Asian cuisine. They also have a great vegetarian and pescatarian menu, which was fabulous. 

After our lunch, it was time to check in. No matter how many hotels we've stayed in, we always find arriving and seeing our room for the first time so exciting; and this occasion certainly didn't disappoint. We were taken to our suite, which is called the Ada Lovelace Suite and oh my goodness, it is so grand and beautiful.  We didn't want to leave! We were greeted with such a warm welcome from the hotel, including a chilled bottle of one our favourite champagnes, Tattinger alongside fresh fruit.


We were really taken back at how big and fabulous this suite is and how it is bespoke to Ada Lovelace and captured the essence of her with a modern twist. 

Fun Fact: Ada Lovelace was the daughter of Lord Byron. He even got married in this room! Ada is regarded as the first computer programmer. She saw beyond a computer as just being able to crunch numbers and she was a female maths genius in a mans world. You go girl!

To our surprise, we discovered that there are not one but TWO bath tubs next to each other, which was amazing as we both love baths. In case your wondering, we definitely did have a couple's bath while we sipped on champagne. 

The shower and bath products are from the Serenity Spa and were definitely very natural and nourishing for our skin.

How adorable are these rubber duckies? We ended up taking these back and gave them to our puppy 'Nalo as a present. (Sorry if we weren't allowed to take them!)

We absolutely loved our bedroom, which was located on the second floor. The decor was unique, comforting and popped with lovely colours. There was also a TV which came out of the bed at the push of a button (watch our vlog to see it in action!) 

After enjoying champagne, we headed downstairs for a cocktail (I mean we just had to sample right), followed by dinner. 

The time had finally come to enjoy a nice romantic dinner in The Dining Room and we were very impressed at the vegetarian and pescatarian options. They were equally as delicious as the other. 

Megan opted for a tasty courgette and mint dish which was very flavourful. 

Whitney loves seafood, especially crab, so she enjoyed a crab bisque, which was divine and so flavourful. This was no surprise, as Seaham is so close to the sea. 

For Megan's main, she enjoyed a delicious gnocchi dish.

...whereas Whitney went for the trout and prawns. 

Lastly, we enjoyed a delicious dessert to seal the deal. 

The next day, we made sure to enjoy their breakfast on offer (one of our favourite things to do when we stay at a hotel!)

We headed back to the spa for one final relaxation session before heading home. This was a very different experience as we had a rasul mud treatment, an Arabian mud treatment that you apply to your whole body (or your partners) in your own private room. Then you sit in a steam room until it reaches optimum temperature, where you are then greeted with a rainforest shower! 

Sadly it was time to say goodbye to this wonderful hotel with amazing staff and amenities. We decided to have one final walk around the stunning hotel grounds and pop down to the beach (5 minute walk away) before jumping in our car and heading back to Windsor (& the sounds of planes!)

We highly recommend staying here if you're after a luxury retreat with warm and friendly staff. We know we'll be back!...

We hope you enjoyed our review Seaham Hall Hotel & Spa and let us know if you stay there!

*This blog post is in collaboration with Travel PR and Seaham Hotel & Spa but all reviews are 100% honest. 

If you want to see our wonderful stay in action then watch our vlog from our time at Seaham Hall!

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