Tips for Coming Out as LGBTQ+

Happy National Coming Out Day! 🌈💕🙌

Coming out as LGBT+ can be a really scary process, but you're not alone. We're here to hold your hand in spirit! 

Our top tips if you’re planning on coming out as LGB*:

1. You don’t have to tell the whole world at once. Come out to those who are closest to you or someone that you feel will have a good reaction I.e. you may have a LGBT+ cousin.

2. Come out when you feel it’s the right time. Don’t feel pressure to do it!

3. Everyone has different coming out stories. If your parents react badly, give it time. Yes it sucks to have your parent react badly but Time really did heal all for our mums! They love you and soon they'll realise that you don't have two heads. They're just scared that everything they wished for your life is suddenly not going to come true. But guess what? It is, and sometimes even better! If your parent is struggling coming to terms with having a LGBTQ+ child, then perhaps they'll benefit from our blog post: "How to deal with your child coming out as gay".

4. You’ll have to keep coming out. Sorry to break it to you but you’ll be coming out the rest of your life. So while you’ll always have your first moment of coming out to the nearest & dearest in your life, you’re going to constantly come out from ordering flowers to your girlfriend to booking a double room for your honeymoon.
5. If your friends love you for you then they won't care, it won't change a thing. For those that react badly or want nothing to do with you, don't be upset. It's their loss and you're better off knowing that's the type of friend that they are. Bye Felicia! There are many more fabulous people out there just waiting to be your friend (& online is a great place for this!) 

6. & finally - be proud to be you! You are loved & accepted and our DM’s are always open 😘

*(this is based on our personal experiences and as we are not transgender, please check out other resources for advice like Ditch The Label , but please know we love and accept you!)

Also, we are super proud to have teamed up with LADBible & Smirnoff for National Coming Out Day! Watch their video of discussing coming out with our mums on instagram or Facebook. 👀

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